went by pretty poorly. Some of you (and again, just some) were very poorly behaved and threw the thread down the crapper. Any amount of fecal matter and brownies don't taste good.

Starting today, the mod team and I will be giving out 24 hour discretionary bans to any person who is causing a ruckus, whether knowingly or unknowingly, in the extraction threads. A 24 hour ban will not count toward your infraction record, but repeat offenses could warrant a permanent ban at a moderator's discretion. Also, the offending post(s) and/or any posts involved in the conversation will be deleted. This is to ensure the smooth operations of the extraction board.

For those who might feel afraid to post, please don't be. My only concern is about the 3 - 5% that's bad, not the other 95%+.

-- Fiel