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  1. Helium Atom
    IGN: MadHog (banned~ sponsored by nexon's glitches)
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Shadower


    haha way 2 be hated \o/
    to be honest idc if you call me childish or stupid that shows how arrogant you guys are :]
    keep it up guys ^^

    @ peyhwa

    yes its per slash excluding last one (idc how much % critical dmg it has but if its 250% as it is in current skill tables (according to hs)
    then last hit is potentialy 854 x 2,5 =2135%? (might be wrong lol im not an expert)
    also 854% is for both our hit + sp hit added together
    separate its like 610%+244% for first 3 hits
    last one is 1525% (610x2,5)our + 610% (244%x2,5) from sp
    @ takebacker

    barage was just an example
    and im sure giving assa a lil bigger range wouldnt hurt anyone and it "could be a step for better balance as well"
    would you agree with me with that?

    LF> movies with assa + sp cause for now i cant really see how strong it is
    i mean i understand its stronger than current assa yet i'd like to see it in game.

    and i wanna hit left ht head :< sadly i cant (example)
    i wanna hit left ht arm :< sadly i cant unless ill time my assa
    (once again childish arguments guys ? f3 as i said i can state my opinion and im doin it ty <3)

  2. Default

    No because assassinate is strong as hell now with SP. Assassinate has enough range to hit pretty much anything you would want to hit anyway.

  3. Default

    Not when F/Ps get a better freezing skill than I/Ls 4th job, give CL a stun effect, and 4-6 mobs and I/L be happy, we will be on the only Magician class with stun, plus it makes sense since TS stuns.

  4. Default


    that is IF SP works with Assasinate.

    *kipping my fingers crossed*

  5. Default

    There isn't any reason why SP wouldn't work with assassinate. o.O

  6. Default

    doesnt nexon always end up taking away something good from us all the time?

  7. Default

    Yay for Buccaneers now we gonna be called for boss runs and i have a question the wep atk of trans stacks with the wep atk of energy bubble and counterattack?

  8. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: ixSheng
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 18x
    Job: Nightlord
    Guild: Regulate


    Awesome... so him and other shadowers can do more damage than your barrage can... oh wait.. he can't even hit certain things in the game because the skill doesn't reach o.- hmm sounds fair.. Damage means nothing if it can't connect.. Nothing wrong with increasing sinates pixel range so that it can actually connect.

    depends on how you view it actually, there is many skills sp doesn't work with..

  9. Helium Atom
    IGN: MadHog (banned~ sponsored by nexon's glitches)
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Shadower


    same as i dont see a reason why our assa doesnt work with se now F3
    we would be op'ed ? ya rite f3
    it shouldn't work cause our 4th hit has critic already?... so ? other jobs have critics as well yet the se isnt limited on their skills
    all the "main" 4th job skills for other classes work with se except for assa.

    ZOMG someone finally understood me
    thanks shengz for backup but i guess they are still "too smart" to understand it.(or maybe their ego/pride wont let em admit it but w/e ill still be the bad one here haha) f3

  10. Default

    i like this shadow partner idea

    Shadower partner is gonna be fun to see

  11. Default

    Lol, Shadower's are such a perfect bandwagon now. I mean really, a boosted Assassinate shouldn't work with SP. Now they get FJ too.. forget using Assaulter as a movement skill. I'm thinking SP won't work with B-Step either as B-Step is already a nice skill.

  12. Helium Atom
    IGN: MadHog (banned~ sponsored by nexon's glitches)
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Shadower


    we cant really say anything about sp since there's no vids of shadowers yet
    i guess we'll have to wait a lil for them

  13. Default

    or let it hit a single target multiple times. (:

    Currently, there's a very good chance that more drastic changes are coming for archmages.

    It seems as though they haven't decided on what direction to take with chain lightning/other skills.
    *First, it was 6 targets, 10 targets, and now 3...*

  14. Default

    Spadow already posted in his blog that Attack Chance increases damage by 120% when attacking a stunned monster or one in state of darkness. However the only skill that inflicts darkess is panic and stun is canceled after any phisical attack, so it's not that usefull, however if stun didn't get canceled that easily, you could use shout when jumping from platfrom to platform and then attack them while still stunned, turning both, Shout / Brave Slash powered by Attack chance into a cool combo.

  15. Default

    They nerfed BS already so that it's just barely stronger without SP. Assassinate is nothing impressive already, so SP not working with it is silly.

  16. Default

    if SP doesnt work with assasinate and/or bs, it will then be alot less useful.

    since dual blade hav SP or something like that, i feel that the SP for shadowers shld work with assasinate & BS.
    but i hav my reserves on nexon, i juz dun trust them.

  17. Default

    IIRC, NL's got 40% Shifter which was exclusive to Shadowers.

  18. Default

    You already have a second of invincibility with B-Step, so why make it compatible with SP? I'd rather have SP work with SB so it hits 12 times while chaining B-Step with it.

  19. Default long as they don't replace good ole nls i could care less about shadowers or sairs. I notice that almost nothing new happens to nls. but it seams lolsairs are getting higher dps then us :(

  20. Lazy Mathematician Female
    IGN: MsJudith
    Server: Windia
    Level: 130
    Job: aran
    Guild: n/a
    Alliance: n/a


    To those arguing about the range of buc's fists vs shadowers weapons:

    If you have nice logical points to point out that relate to a possible update, post them here.
    If you want to argue about it in general not in related to these updates, make a new thread.
    If you can't do it without personal attacks, take it to PMs, or better yet, leave out the personal attacks.

    Both sides had valid points to make... just... try to keep it less personal.

    Back to the point:

    So Aran's first two finishers (Smash and Penril/Fenrir) got boosted but tempest didn't? Also, yay at higher combo critical :3



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