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  1. Default [1.2.320] Consolidated source of revamp

    You guys have been screaming for this, so I thought I'd provide it.

    Please let me know if there's stuff I forgot (I know there is)

    Here is EVERYTHING that will be coming with Maplestory 2.0:

    - 1024 x 768 resolution available. You can choose to go between 800 x 600 (Maplestory's current standard) and the higher resolution at will. Windowed mode is available for both resolutions.
    - If you choose 1024 x 768 mode, the quick slot stuff is moved to the bottom right corner and is inline with the rest of the status bar --> Example
    - All of the map mini-icons are rehashed with gradients.
    - The stat window now shows more information --> Example. In order, the items in the stat window are as follows: Damage Range, Critical Chance, WDEF, MDEF, Physical Accuracy, Magical Accuracy, Physical Avoid, Magic Avoid, Speed, and Jump
    - Recommended skills (where it shows a thumbs up in the skill window during first job) is removed
    - Victoria Island is shuffled around --> Example

    - All weapon damage formulas are changed. Magic Attack now works similarly to Weapon Attack. Both INT and LUK are factored into magic damage. All magic damage on skills are based on a percentage and not on "basic attack" anymore.
    - All jobs receive a new skill in every job. Some older unused skills were removed.
    - Jobs which had two masteries and two boosters had one mastery and one booster removed. Now there is one mastery skill which affects both weapon classes. For example, Pages had BW mastery and BW booster removed. However, putting points into Sword Mastery also affects BW mastery.
    - Ranged characters now no longer have minimum range. So there is no more bow/gun whacking or claw punching.
    - All classes now have an innate ability to do critical damage.

    - Accuracy formulas are changed.
    - Base mastery is now 15%. Mastery is a multiplier on the overall max damage.
    - All classes now have greatly increased HP compared to before. Conservative estimates are about a 30% increase.
    - All mobs levels are greatly increased and HP values also increased. For example, chief oblivions are now 15x. Major boss levels (Zak, HT, PB) did not change.
    - Experience to next level greatly reduced (almost by 50 - 60%)
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    You forgot Hands.

  3. Neon Atom
    IGN: MagicsBISH/BOW
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Guild: Destiny and Inspired


    Well my lukless bishop is screwed f3. brb making a new one...

  4. Default

    I hope I can get to 200 before this hits GMS.
    I want to finish the game I started, 2 years ago, not a whole different game that superficially resembles it.

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    Has HP washing become unusable? Also does that 2nd stat accuracy apply for all classes? Are they really saying archers need str to have better accuracy?

  6. Default

    only thing I can see that you left out would be the changes to the PQs (as long as we're not counting the massive number of glitches that as of now remain unfixed -_-). I hadn't even realized that the recommended skills thing was gone, that thing never really worked to begin with.

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    You could probably add that Monster Book and Quests will be wiped and have to be done again as all monster levels(and drops?) will be changed.

  8. Default

    So my 100 base dex Paladin with 22 luk is going to be above dexless people? Woo finally my hard fighting against _less builds is paying back :D

  9. Default

    Doesn't this mean Mortal Blow is now useless?

  10. Default

    Um... That may be how it is for Magicians, but I don't think that's how it is for everyone, unless I have way above the proper DEX for my level as a Crusader (currently 70 base DEX at level 86).

    From what I can tell (KaidaTan was actually the one that originally said this)...
    The new accuracy formula isn't based too much on your characters accuracy. Rather, it's based a lot more on level. If you're below a monster's level, you will always have a set miss rate. Once you become the same level of or higher than the monster, all of the misses will completely disappear and you will hit the monster at a 100% rate.

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    Just wanna say thank you fiel.
    thanks ~

  12. Default

    Gotta have strong arms to hold your weapon steady enough to aim.

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    So... if I understand this correctly, under this new formula, m.atk will be like... 1 per somethingamount of INT and stuff rather than 1 INT = 1 m.atk?

  14. Sassy Stranger Male
    IGN: SlayerZach
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: YES
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: Phoenix
    Farm: SlayerZach


    Thanks Fiel, this is so much clearer.

    I'm a tad excited for the Magic Changes, 1024x768 size, and also worried about the accuracy changes. :^|

  15. Default

    they should support all resolutions. i'd love to play at 1920x1080 but i imagine that's a lot of work changing the textures, etc.

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    Mabinogi has a better windowed mode. You can stretch the window to your liking, or just maximize it to your screen while still being in windowed mode. It's so pineappleing awesome. Why can't we have nice things like this?

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    Because it'd be too convenient :P



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