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  1. Default [1.2.319] [ENG] Adventurer skill revamps

    Okay... this won't be perfect english (names and descriptions still in KOR), but at least many of the skill variable names will be in English so it's easier to read. I do not have all of the skill tables done. It will take me at least a week or two to finish them and make sure they're up to snuff.

    I will then release information, job by job, as I have them. So please continue checking back. And if you have any translations to offer for these skills, I'd love to have them. I'll make sure to give you credits in this opening post at the top.

    Feel free to post!




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    White Knight


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    Dragon Knight

    Dark Knight
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    No Ground Smash delay?

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    Apparently not.

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    I believe you're missing 향상된 기본기 (Enhanced Basics) for Fighters? It's the skill that improves Power Strike and Slash Blast damages, and it was listed in the Korean tables thread.

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    Combo Attack should be +3% instead of +3 damage per orb rite?

    And... so much for recycling skill icons...



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    I'm liking what Pages get. Self healing with a cooldown and are very defensive now, just what I like in a character.

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    The recycled icons are probably temporary for now.

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    I seriously hope Sanctuary doesn't leave 10k HP on the mob... according to the translation that is.

    Strangely... why is thunder charge 50% elemental while the rest are 100%? And I do wish we know the charge stacking effects... whether its still the old one... and if the damage formulae for modifiers still stand.


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    tell me this isn't true :(
    for normal (6) ?

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    I think Final attack has turned into a Critical like skill, which activates with a given rate increasing the dmg of your attack by a second given %.
    there's no other answer to Final Attack working with even monster Magnet.

    If I'm right... IT'S SO SWEET.

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    Yeah, I'm assuming Final Attack does 150% of the previous hit, not straight up 150% like people have been assuming. That would be completely retarded.

    The White Knight skill better not be a 80% hp potion with a 60 second cooldown. What the hell is the point of that? Make it a +HP/time buff or something.

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    Unless it's 150% of the total skill, that'd only make Brandish stronger than Brave Slash as Brandish's individual hits are stronger.

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    It's not only works with EVERYTHING except Shout.

    What's the point in it working with Panic? Panic's powerful enough...

    Well, it WOULD be better if it works as a Critical. That would really make the attack it activated with a FINAL attack.

    EDIT: Was wondering how on earth Fiel would update if everyone started posting. I completely forgot that he's an admin...and lolNexon re-used Magic Shield's icon for Blazing Armour,

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    That's what I meant. 150% of the total skill, rather than 150% of your base attack.

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    (220 x 1.5) + (220 x 1.5) = 440 x 1.5

    (170 x 1.5) + (170 x 1.5) + (170 x 1.5) = 510 x 1.5 ?

    There is no difference between applying the multiplier to the individual hits and applying the multiplier to the total damage...?

    On a side note, can Blazing Armour block 1/1 attacks?

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    So Enrage gets to keep it's 40 attack but Dragon's Blood gets knocked down to 30? And Beholder down to 10? Unless Dragon's Blood and Beholder stacks now. . .

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    An individual hit is one hit. I doubt Final Attack merely adds more damage to your hits as it still has its own hit animation.



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