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    Not a bug / Working as intended

    That lift-up ability is a completely different skill which is not included in the extractions because it has no level-up characteristics.

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    Is that the same reason why Flash Jump/Soul Rush animations don't appear in other skill tables?

    Would be nice to have the sword as a gif, though. :\

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    FJ/SR animations don't appear there because those animations are in Effect.wz, not in Skill.wz.

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    [Justice] Legend
    Evan (III) (30-40) Magic Guard
    table info seems incomplete.

    [Justice] Legend
    Evan (VIII) (100-120)
    Recovery Aura
    should be recover both HP and MP.
    i see that from "[Union] Legend" thread. not sure if they nerf it back in Justice.

    [Justice] [Adventurer] Magicians
    I/L Mage (3rd job) Storm Magic
    the description in the table does not make sense.
    should be something like "Instantly kill monsters under 30% HP with 15% probability. Damage increased by 10% when attacking monsters under damage over time, stun, freeze, darkness, or paralysis effects." (took from [Ascension] [Adventurers] Magicians thread)
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