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    doesn't level 4 shout stun 100% of the time? is that was "box missing" pertains to?

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    Yes. That's what it pertains to. I need to have it so a emote is put in there.

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    I figured as much, but I was never sure if it was just a rumor or not that level 4 shout actually stuns at a 100% rate. Plus, I thought maybe it was pertaining to the hitbox of the skill, because I'm a noob. Interesting to see that's not the case.

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    Got everything fixed so far, but I'm still seeing some mistakes:

    - Max level Bahamut shows that it attacks 6. I thought it attacked only 3? Does it really attack 6?
    - The elemental attribute of skills is not showing up
    - Still need to show some formulas to clear things up
    - Mastery guides need to be shown

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    My Bahamut attacks 3, and the description says up to 3

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    Is the new fire arrow just awesome at level 4 (from a typo by nexon) or not (from a typo by fiel)?

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    That would be tight if baha really did hit 6 at lvl 30.

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    Confirming it's really not a string thing only. In game it says it hits 1 monster but it actually hits 2.

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    Magic/Armor/Power Crash have the post re-vamp images now.

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    Gonna have to live with that.

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    Attempting to look at the range pictures in threads results in a 404. D:

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    ^^^ This is now fixed ^^^

    Sheesh, took me a month to do it.

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    fiel, do you have the UA cygnus skill tables anywhere? like, what would the parameters of wind piercing 1-5 be, etc.?

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    Sure don't. Thanks for reminding me. I'll have a look into it - probably posted in the next day or two.

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    Erm, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but are you also able to extract the sound effect files for skills as well, Fiel? I'd understand if SP's bandwidth wouldn't be able to take hosting the images in addition to the sound files, but it would be nice if there were links to some of the better skill sounds.

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    posting to say that the UA skills that get changed in chaos does not seem to be listed.

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    Dual Blade's Phantom Blow doesn't note the number of attacks.

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    Mercedes' charge drive only displays the first half (the rushing part) of the animation. It's missing the animation where the lime-coloured sword arrow stabs out of the ground to propel monsters into the air.

    The one at 1:41 of this video.



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