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  1. Default Very quick Mage question

    2075 = matk?

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    from Pirate Damage Ranges

    Assuming everything's in the same order which should be true.

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    So then I guess 1999 is no longer the max for MATK. Hooray for mages?

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    I'm pretty sure that limitation was only for Defense and Magic Defense, not Magic Attack.

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    There used to be a 1999 cap on M. Atk.

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    Even with the cap in place, was it shown in the window with the cap?

    If I recall, hsalf(?)'s data showed him with 5k+ defense or something, but it was actually 2k anyways.

    If the cap was visually in place before as well, then yay for high level well funded mages, you can now....


    Well, chain lightning and paralyze are now slightly more useful to you... And I guess AR as well.

    Ults don't really care about it much after a certain point since they'll be OHKOing anything non resistant mob anyways. (For the most part)

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    Only the BASE matk is capped. You can still have over, due to added matk, as seen in Fiel's image.

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    The cap very well could still be there, it just doesn't apply to buffs and whatnot. (They have 1870 base)

    pineapple you Jon.

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    I heard base MA was 1999, that base is only 1870.



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