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  1. Default [1.2.314] Deeper Mechanics

    Here I will be discussing the deeper mechanics of the Resistance jobs. Many of the buffs and spells you can use are dependent on events happening in the game. For example, the amount of damage done with the Battlemage's Triple/Quad blow skills are dependent upon how many attacks you've done so far. The Wild Hunter's skill Swallow also gives you a random buff should you decide to hold onto the swallowed enemy. So yes, this is an interesting new twist on how Maplestory is progressing and evolving. It also makes it more difficult for data extractors to see everything that the data is doing without first seeing it in the game.

    To read about the mechanics of these skills, I'm going to assume that you've read the skill tables for the Wild Hunter and Battlemage classes. If you get lost, just refer to the tables.

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    That pomegranate's way too weak. They need to make this all much stronger.

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    Yeah. Double everything and it'll be good if not great.

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    You're joking, right? Totally maxed out Final Blow + FA yields 990 basic attack on one mob and you want to make it stronger...? Also don't forget to add in Advanced Dark Aura or Advanced Yellow Aura for these skills too.

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    You sure Quad Blow is a bug? Currently the base powers are 60, 240, 480, and 690 for the four sommsi... or an average of 20, 60, 96, 115 per hit... it's a reasonable progression.

    Also it depends on how fast these skills are - remember Evan?

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    Yeah nvm i'm wrong.

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    Is Adv Dark Aura +20%, +120% or x1.2? Also, the point is you basically cast magic claw/poison brace in the middle of your incredibly nice combo. The last bit makes it nicer, but overall it's pretty crappy. How long does it take to finish casting this? Longer than charging Big Bang?

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    We didn't see all the attack delays from the first thread, but they seemed reasonably fast. What are they, if available?

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    Eh, nevermind. I just watched the video I took frame by frame and I guess it isn't so bad.

    The 5-hit combo (not including Final Attack) takes 50 frames, or about 1.666 miliseconds with booster. Going with that trend, 6 hits should be roughly 60 frames, or 2 seconds. The last hit is anyone's guess... I'd say about .4 to .5 seconds.

    990 per ~2.5 seconds is pretty good. I don't think they'd beat an Evan, even without an elemental wand, but then again this can hit all 6 targets for the same damage, and they have the absolute best party buffs in the game.

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    For JoeTang:


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    Not considering Finish Attack as I do not know how the _link or whatever affects the actual skill usage, we see
    Triple Blow: 40.87BAPS
    Quad Blow: 121.21BAPS
    Death Blow: 258.07BAPS
    Finish Blow: 261.36BAPS

    Standardized to Normal (6). There appears to be a huge DPS drop from Death Blow to Finish Blow, and I don't see how Finish Attack could possibly make up for it.

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    Would adding Dark Lightning into the combo boost their DPS? Otherwise, I really don't see what the point of that skill is with its 10 second cooldown and all.

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    You can use it whenever you want, so it's a pretty nice option to have since this class has no other attack skill yet.

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    Did you also notice how much worse the Blow combo gets when you put a point into Finish Blow? Even the next 20 points don't really make up for it that much.

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    @casting speed calculations: That's exactly the issue I have with the skill. If we're looking at end-game, 4th Job single-target DPS (because let's face it, just because it hits 6 mobs doesn't mean it does that kind of combined damage when attacking ONE boss), these various hits need to occur just as fast as the same number of hits in terms of base attack power as other Magician skills.

    Ex.: Total combined power of Final and FA in 4th Job = 990. LOLFPs Paralyze = 240, and Evan's Blaze = 330. For Battlemages to be stronger in terms of single target DPS than those two classes, they need to pull this combo off faster than 4.125 Paralyze casts, and faster than 3 Blaze casts. Paul, you mentioned the aspects of Auras and the fact that Battlemages have ungodly party buffs. But the fact of the matter is that they're party buffs, and if we're looking at end-game DPS comparisons that are unique and individual among the classes, only class-specific passive boosts matter (as, again, party skills can affect everyone). In this case Evan may have an even better advantage due to passive crit and MageZerk, so the end result is that Battlemage hit powers need to be higher to compete.

    Not to mention that, throughout all of this, the more time it takes you to get to the actual damage you can deal when killing mobs, the easier it is to get KS'd. The point of this game since 4th Jobs were released is to deal the most damage the fastest, relative to the mob's HP, and if it's taking a Battlemage 2.5 seconds to kill something it takes a LOLFP .8 seconds to kill, there's a con to the class.

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    You make it sound as though having amazing party buffs is a point against them. Sure they can affect everyone, that's why they're awesome. It's not like they'd be worse if the auras were personal buffs.

    I agree with the rest of what you said though. Finish Blow is slower than I thought it'd be, and the first 5 hits are pretty much garbage.

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    I just found out that yellow aura makes you climb ladders faster.

    That's pro.

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    Hmmm. I don't think that's the case. I think any speed increase makes you climb ladders faster. I know for sure in JapanMS, if you have any kind of speed increase (say, you were on a Red Draco), you would climb ladders waaaaaaay faster than before. I think it's just an addition to the game itself. I may be wrong and that it's not like that in KMS, though.

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    Yeah but the 10 second cooldown kinda kills it. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to do Dark Lightning -> 10 seconds of combo -> Dark Lightning or if just spamming the combo is better.

    I just noticed how amazing Advanced Dark Aura is. Not only is it 20% extra damage, it also adds +100 Matk. o_o

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    Someone from the guild said the same thing but this isn't part of GMS yet, so it's not like i would know that unless someone told me. I'll test to see if it's true if i can get haste.



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