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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.314] Battlemage Job

  1. Default [1.2.314] Battlemage Job

    Click here to see the Wild Hunter skill tables

    May 30, 2010:
    - Changed Cyclone's comment
    - Added link to "Deeper Mechanics" for Super Body
    - Fixed Advanced Dark Aura to give fixed damage, not +MATK

    May 29, 2010:
    - Greatly changed the description on the Reaper skill
    - Added that you can use teleport while in Cyclone

    May 27, 2010:
    - Added that Dark chain pulls enemies toward you
    - Blue Aura changed from "Damage received" to "damage absorbed"
    - Changed Advanced Blue Aura from having percentage based defense boost to flat additive defense boost.
    - Changed Conversion to directly increase HP - not dependent upon MP consumed for the skill.
    - Changed Super Body to be about changing the current Aura that is being used - not about unleashing all auras for a duration.
    - Advanced Aura - Changed from being "+Basic Attack" to "+MATK"
    - Dark Genesis - Removed the "2 seconds" column as it appears to be completely unused
    - For all of the Blow attacks, added the link to the "Deeper Mechanics" thread. Also, the range was changed for all of the Blow attacks to be smaller.
    - In the "Revive" skill, changed Ripper to Reaper.

    1st Battle Mage

    2nd Battle Mage

    3rd Battle Mage

    4th Battle Mage
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    "Battle mage skill tables" thread?

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    Decided to separate the two after the first thread has 99 replies? You should've kept the battle mages there and made a new one for wild hunters so as to make them look like the less-popular of the two.

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    There was more information I wanted to add, but there's too much text for vBulletin to parse. If I didn't separate them I would end up with timeout errors. The separation was necessary.

  5. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    Wow. This one doesn't seem very MS-ish AT ALL.

  6. Default

    Why do people keep saying this?

  7. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    Probably because previous skills similar to this have been more angelic looking, while this appears to be Black Mage-related.

  8. Default

    This is basically an evil Bishop so it makes perfect sense.

  9. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    It's still not very Mapleish. To elaborate more on what I said before, previous similar skill animations have featured more non-descript angelic women, while this one seems more real, more... (maple)human?

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    It's weird that they have all of these auras, but then a skill where all of the auras are used at the same time. It might be possible to where the auras can't stack when used one at a time.

  11. Default

    I'm guessing all their attacks are Dark element?

    No Magic Guard...I hope their HP doesn't suck.

  12. Default

    These auras sound familiar to paladin auras in WoW, so I'd assume they would work similarly. The way the auras work in WoW is that only one aura per person, but if you have multiples of that class each one can use a different aura and all would stack on everyone.

  13. Default

    same way as warcraft 3 and diablo 2 did it. I think auras have worked like that as long as they were around.

  14. Electron

    IGN: LegendsSouls
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 163
    Job: I/L Arch Mage
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NAR


    Ok so...

    Hey Fiel... where is this?

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    Translating Insoya's Super Body says that you can strengthen the currently active Aura (could be translation fail) for a certain period of time:

    Dark Aura: 40% damage increase for 30 seconds (zomg)
    Yellow Aura: 40 speed, -2 Attack Speed, 40% evasion rate (?) for 30 seconds
    Blue Aura: 10 seconds of invincibility

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    This looks like a nice magician job, now lets hope it turns out better than what we may expect :D

    but... arent we all missings something with these resistanse jobs? isnt there supposed to be a pirate resistanse?

    Battlemage looks hella awesome though.

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    In warcraft 3 though, there was only one Aura to use. Devotion Aura lol.

    I never played the Diablo series so im not sure how that was done =[

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    Either I'm dumb, or everyone that's saying no Magic Guard doesn't bother to read the skill descriptions, but Conversion seems to be their version of Magic Guard, or Hyper Body rather...take 100% of your MP at max level and add it to your max HP? That's easy 10k HP or so by mid 3rd job.
    wat. WC3 had a lot of auras, Lifesteal aura, damage increase aura, armor aura, health regen, damage return, etc.

  19. Helium Atom

    IGN: GunsOnly
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Corsair
    Guild: Leaf
    Alliance: Honorbond


    Probably because they're BATTLEmage, they have HP similar to shadower with aran's drain, and a way to increase HP.

  20. Default

    I read that Conversion skill, and it seems that it only gives +2k HP. "Take a percentage of the MP consumed by this skill and add to your MaxHP for up to 60 seconds."

    That still doesn't come close to the durability that Magic Guard gives. If they don't have decent base HP then they might be the first Mage class to require HP washing.



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