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    Default [Guide] How to get down!!!


    To get down to where I am, trade someone before getting KBed off the map.

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    what's the point of being down there though? O_o (And how do you get back up? xD)

    As well, it involves you taking a bunch of hits to get down right? Like archers and sins wont be able to do this? xD

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    Or you could just use the easy way and spamm pots while falling
    To get back up you only have to CC, and while you're down there dont jump cuz it'll send you to the jq map just like when you fall.

    @ Retalion: I don't think you have to be hit, jumping down yourself and spamming pots should work too, allthough I haven't tried it myself..
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  4. Harrisonized


    Why would you get banned? No hacks were involved. And it doesn't give you any advantages anyways.

    You don't need to get hit a lot.
    The easy way is to type /trade ______ when you jump off the map. Whether they accept or not, you'll still get saved if the tradebox is open. (Note that the person has to be in the map so the tradebox actually shows up and not 'Unable to find the character'.

    Once the first person gets down, the second person goes to the bottom most platform in the map. The first person moves all the way left. That way, you'll be able to trade each other. (Any higher and farther right will show up as 'Unable to find the character'.) Then the second person gets KBed.

    This method is better than spamming pots.
    Spamming pots doesn't always work unless you're using a pet to do it, and it's a waste of pots.

    To get out of the map, either jump (which will end you up in the beginning of the second jump quest), or cc (which will end you up in the top of the map.)

    @ Jackk, the point of this is to see the cool background that you can't otherwise see.
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    I remember when I was that naive, thinking GMs actually look for cheaters. :[

    Also, the GM wouldn't see you unless they got down there too. :D

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    I think spamming pots still easier than having to type the trade command, and with the massive amount of useless pots Baby Typhons drop, it wouldnt be that wasteful to assign one to a hotkey and spam it.

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    you dont have to trade. just get a typhoon to sonic boom you to the far left and itll go past the wall making you stay down there.

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    Can't you just tap your pet food key?

  9. Harrisonized


    Well, what if you don't have a pet?
    Last I checked, more than half the population don't have pets.

    And its really difficult to get the typhon to blow you in the right spot. Usually, you won't fly far enough to stay in the map. As far as I know, pressing trade is the only way you're pretty much ensured to stay in the map after falling.

    I've thought of a use for this. When training with a friend in the same map (ie, spamming meteo together), if one blows off, instantly have /trade _____ ready and just press enter, up, enter and you can later cc and cc back to skip that annoying jump quest (assuming you didn't finish the quest for the marker).

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    Since when did GMs ban people based on logic?

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    When I first read the title of this thread, I thought it meant it was a guide on how to party. :(

    GM banned my friend for FM spot hacking because he opened a store, then a hacker opened a shop over him. GM banned another friend because he opened a Mush shop over a portal. Both perm bans. Luckily both had connections and got unbanned.

    GM's are not smart.

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    As far as pet food is concerned, can't you spam it anyways without a pet? :s

    Regardless, you can just buy red pots or use the ones that the eggs drop. :/

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    Yeah, if you have pet food with no pet, then when you spam the key, nothing is consumed, and you still pass through automatic portals.

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    really? i did not know that



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