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Thread: [GMS] [0.85] Monster Book

  1. Default [0.85] Monster Book

    Huge List

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    Well i guess now we know what the neo weapons drop from. Was there nothing else in this patch except possibly bug fixes that we can't extract?

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    Oh, this is .85. I thought they were doing a patch tonight and this was .86.

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    Thank you Eos!
    It's nice to see an updated Monster Book every once in a while.

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    Requesting Monster Book drops arranged by Monster. And yay, updated Monster Book :D

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    Are these things in that one area by kerning?

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    Kerning Square? Yeah

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    does this mean that the kerning square monsters and neo city monsters actually drop their monster cards now?

    (as far as I know, they did not before .85)

    I guess I'm not sure if this data represents what the monsters are supposed to drop according to the monster book, or if i the monster book data is actually tied to and directly represents what they do drop. As in, if Nexon changes what a monster drops, do they have to change the monster book data manually to reflect it, or does the monster book data adapt to the change automatically because it is directly tied to the drop tables?

    Sorry if that sounds confusing.

    I really want to hunt the new cards!!
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    It's just what they're supposed to drop. They drop more stuff but those aren't shown in Monster Book data, leading me to believe the actual dropping is controlled server-sidedly.

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    I don't see ruby dragon items :(

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    It is server-sided. We already know this.

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    Masteria item?

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    I'm giving the person a reason to accept it instead of rubbing SP's reputation in their face. :(

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    Eos, could you use [spoiler=text]? It'd cut down on the vertical space.

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    Dunno if this helps people, but I really prefer stuff to be sorted alphabetically.