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Thread: R&R Roadmap

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    Due to the server migration, I will no longer be accepting new comments on the R&R starting Sunday, April 25 at 11:59 PM Eastern.

    Collaboration Week
    April 26 - May 5
    Administrators and moderators will debate over all comments received

    Appeal Week
    April 26 - May 5
    Since the addition of the new rules will make all previous infractions permanent until expiration, this is your time to appeal any infraction you have not previously appealed. Starting at 12:01 AM EST on May 6, you will not be able to appeal any infractions received under the old rules.

    New Rules put into effect
    May 6
    We will also be stating the changes we made during collaboration week

    Warning Week
    May 6 - 13
    All users will only get warned for first offenses under the new rules. Any offense which would result in a permanent ban will still result in a permanent ban. As the moderators get used to the new system, warnings can be appealed to help shape precedent over new infractions and for users to get used to the appeal process.

    Full Enforcement
    May 14
    Rules will be under full enforcement. Warnings cannot be appealed.

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    So this has all happened..? @_@

    EDIT: Fiel, you haven't changed the date in the first sentence yet.
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    Oops. I'm off by a month. Silly me. *updates*

    EDIT: There, that should do it.

    EDIT 2: Thanks.
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