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  1. Default Our datacenter is moving

    Hello Southperricans,

    Our webhost, VPSLink, has been bought out by Endurance Hosting. The VPSLink datacenter in which we are currently hosted resides in Seattle, WA and will be moved to Boston, MA. I do not have any choice in the matter as this is a done deal. If you would like to read more about the migration, you can check out the thread on their forum here. The switch will be happening sometime in April or May, but I don't have any details as to exactly when the changeover will happen for Southperry.

    Given that I haven't heard of many webhost acquisitions that went well for its consumers, I have already searched around and considered another VPS host. If things turn sour with Endurance, you can be sure that we'll be moving. We also have plenty of database and server backups to keep us going.

    Keep chinchillin',

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    Yay, slightly faster load times.

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    It's going from the other side of the country to 30 miles away for me.

  4. Default aka the best ;) I have all my deds and vps with them.

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    I'm smack-dab in the center of the country, so this is no change to me in terms of connecting, lol.

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