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Thread: [Aran] Cash shop Mastery Guides

  1. Default Cash shop Mastery Guides

    I looked and looked and finally found the mastery guides that -Hime- was referring to. They exist... sort of.

    There are non-CS versions of Magic Guard 20, Magic Booster 20, and Critical Magic 15. The problem is that although the strings exist, the actual data for these items does not exist in the WZ files. There are also no references to these items anywhere in the monsterbook data or quest data. The only thing that exists is the string for each of these books.

    So yeah... they went halfway on this. In short, it is completely impossible to obtain these guides unless there is a patch for the wz files. For the time being, the only way to obtain these skills is through the cash shop. So sorry to Evan players.

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    At times like these, I am rather glad I did not rush to make a new class. Nexon doesn't seem to properly test their newer classes at all. I feel bad for the Evan players that rushed, because their MG is sorta messed-up too. Thanks for the information, I didn't know about that.

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    part of me wants to rush to other forums and spread the news, but another part of me agrees with khoi insofar as that im laughing at those fools.

    quite the dilemma.

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    Thanks a lot Fiel :)

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    Spreading it on other forums would make you an attention whore. Anyone with enough brain capacity to deserve knowing about this already knows about southperry.

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    Maybe this is part of their April's Fool (and make money at the same time). Or, they are just testing how good the money would be if they added a class that can only be brought to its max potential by paying for their skills. (Bladers)

    Anyway. Suckage at its maximum. I would like for this class to fail into oblivion, but I bet there are a lot of people willing to pay for the skills. Nothing wrong with that, but eh, those things were supposed to be free. It's like paying for a free 5$ dollar coupon.

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    Hurray for doing offers =).

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    Hooray for having a "dangerous IP".

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    Yeah, they say I'm "high risk". LOL

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    now evan sucks even more... at least dual blade can find the skills but evan can't? i bet if gms gets dual blade they will do the same and remuve the skills which drop and make them cs only.

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    It's so convinient for Nexon's bottom line that they 'forgot' to add the mastery books to anything but the cash shop.

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    Nexon: Money first, fix later.

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    May I ask, what are these strings?

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    A string used in this context is meaningful in computer programming. It generally refers to textual data. It is called a string because in computer programming there are no paragraphs, sentences, or punctuation marks like in traditional English. So any and all textual data is called a string instead.

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    Oh, I know that, well I think I do anyway.
    System.out.println("Hello World."); has Hello World. as its strings, correct?

    I was asking what these strings say and where they could be found.

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    Yes, that's correct. I didn't know you were a programmer, otherwise I would have interpreted it the other way:

    [Mastery Book] Magic Guard 20
    Has a 70% chance of raising the Master Level of the #cMagic Guard# skill to 20.\nJob: Evan\nCondition: Skill must be at least level 5

    [Mastery Book] Magic Booster 20
    Has a 70% chance of raising the Master Level of the #cMagic Booster# skill to 15.\nJob: Evan\nCondition: Skill must be at least level 5

    [Mastery Book] Critical Magic 10 (sic)
    Has a 70% chance of raising the Master Level of the #cCritical Magic# skill to 15.\nJob: Evan\nCondition: Skill must be at least level 5

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    Hmm, so these ones are 70% eh? was there string for any quest that wasnt added in the wz.?

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    Irrelevant. Other versions of MS did not try to incorporate more purchasable skills like GMS. As such, there would be no other versions I could look for this information.

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    While on the subject of cash shop mastery books, is it possible to get dual blader books outside of the cash shop?

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    Yes. NexAm just decided to pineapple everything up.



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