Description of Issue:
Nexon's negligence has gone on for too long. They're unaccountable and ignorant, letting many issues and personal losses go with either no words, or the audacity to blame the players themselves.

Why this issue needs attention:
This issue needs attention because Nexon needs to change; both for our sake and for theirs as a company. They can't keep relying on new job releases to pull people back like they are with Evan, and will inevitably fail without a major change. And without that change, we will continue to suffer.

Desired Action or Resolution:
We now have an opening to bring attention to all of Nexon's failures. It is strongly recommended that you contact and share your stories of heartache and loss. Please, try to write as coherently and intelligibly as possible, so we are not taken as children. They have opened their arms to our stories, and it's time to share them with the world.

How to Participate
Send your own experiences with Nexon to the Consumerist at

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