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Thread: [Other] [TMS] [v109] Set Items!

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    I was hoping you would do an extraction on these, can't wait to see them all the warrior helm looked really nice and so does that weapon. I like the idea of collecting a set also.

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    Hm...reminds me of WoW....I would laugh if they called them Tier Sets.

    I actually think copying WoW would be a good idea. Make Maple 15 dollars a month, make everything else free, take away in game advantages. Replace scrolls with Enchants and Gems, and Get way more Bosses besides crap no one can beat.

    Oh and actually make more then 1 healer class, and make them actually have a purpose. Maybe even make a tanking class so people didnt have to pin bosses to the wall.....

    That would make me come back to Maple Story.

    Blizzard got me good...sorry...

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    Ah, sets. Reminds me of the good 'ole days finding infinite amount of Isenhart Cases.

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    best thing ever

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    SCREW YOU. If maple goes to be monthly paid, I'm out of it, and with me, a looooot more people.

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    Great, how did we stray off topic?

    -Back to topic.

    I'd imagine one set would be Top, Bottom, Shoes, Weapon, Shield (optional one), Glove, Earring, and what else? Pendant? Medal?

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    Set-items would be nice, but what are the requirements? I hope '2ndary' stats are required. Because if it's ___-less, this game's going downhill even more.

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    Actually, this is for aran. More then the polearm are the exact polearms that the arans wear in the promo picture, but the clothes they wear are identical to the clothes they wear.

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    Tay, in contrary of WoW, Maplestory is not worth more then 1~2 dollars per month if it would be pay-to-play...

    - Is so much more professional
    - Is bugfree
    - Has better customer service
    - Has better content
    - Has more content
    - Has -real- tactics (bossfight role playing)
    - Has more players
    - Has smarter players
    - Has nicer players
    - Is better looking
    - Has no Pedobrium maps
    - Has more mature monsters to fight
    - Has more endbosses to fight
    - Doesn't require HP/MP washing for 5000 dollars to survive Pink Bean attacks and still be able to kill it within the countdown timer
    - Etc... ;)

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    WoW is point and click though, right? That's enough to make me say "pineapple it" and continue MS. It has also made to a generic theme and made that generic theme. It just was the best one at the time and stayed on top. Doesn't mean it is all that good.

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    The names aren't anything interesting... it's like "Warrior Awakening Set Weapon" and these weapons also become untradeable once equipped.

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    Even more proof it's for aran. Awakening Warrior, Awakening Hero, etc. Same difference.

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    It's a POLEARM. Who the hell did they expect to wear it? Because you know they don't acknowledge the existance of Polearm DrKs.

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    I wouldn't mind them adding one SET per Hero class, and a single "appearance-wise" SET for the Cygnus Knights as long as they made some of the regular equips into SETs as well. Granted, I'm not sure how I feel about having more than the current 4-6 people including myself using a full 110 archer set with the red giles cape. Bah, what am I saying. ANYTHING that promotes wearing class equips again would make my day.

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    They also changed the stats of the monsters in the Shaolin Monastery maps. (Also released there this patch), all monsters except for two or so have 1 KB and EXP:HP ratio's of 1:1 to 1:5, TaiwanMS is indeed broken.

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    can anyone post the equip names and stats and images? im super duper curious ;) thanks

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    I hope they extend this kind of thing to regular sets, would give me a reason to forge the Reverse glove/overall/helm. For 15 PoTs equips I may never use aren't worth it, for a 10 atk 20 acc set bonus, maybe I could consider it.

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    The bolded sentences are the ones that each player may think of differently. If YOU don't like the way the game looks, the community, the monsters and the bosses doesn't mean everybody else thinks the same way. Nobody ever forced you to fight against Pink Bean.

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