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  1. Default Takebacker's Ultimate Brawler Guide

    Takebacker's Ultimate Brawler Guide (Post justice version)

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    why max barrage so early? wouldnt put enough points so i can 1hit skeles be enough and then get more si (to 11) then go back to barrage? not like doing more damage to a monster is going to kill it faster and we all know buccs dont go to bosses for their damage.

    ps. 20 mesos fiel changes the name for fun and stuff... that be cute...

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    I actually did that on my buccaneer, however i regretted it because my solo bossing power was not enough to be as fast as i could have been with maxed barrage. The longer timer on SI is not extremely worth forgoing a stronger 1v1 attack.

    I couldn't ohko a skele with level 21 or 30 barrage either way without stunning it first anyway.

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    i did that on my bucc and i did fine, i dont think maxing barrage or leaving it at 21 would make much of a diff on what you solo at 13x 14x but having some si would open training posibilities for you if you dont really have mages comming out the woodworks. everyone that isnt a BM or a NL loves si. plus 11 si > maxed barrage at zakum. like i said, bucc damage isnt the reason we there, its for si and leap. its just 3-4 more levels anyways and i did feel like it helped a lot for me getting to boss a bit.

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    This guide doesn't consider buccaneers in a bossing context to be "mules". People will take you whether you have 1 or 11 SI, especially if it's your guild running like it was for me.

    However, i will make a bossing build.

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    Great guide Steve if I ever make a Bucc I'll be sure to use it~ I do however have 1 tweak you might want to add.

    You missed a VERY rare class in there. Lv 11 SI also helps both 1H and 2H axe heros.

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    i dont see how using your "skills" make you a "mule". by this context, every class with a buff is a mule unless they refuse to max it or use it in the party. besides i was allowed to run in HT at 145 when i missed most of the time, i go with friends and we dont really care how weak or low leveled you are. however i do feel like i was abusing my friends if i did not provide the buffs i was able to provide and do as much as i could for th runs. that was si for my party and leap for them bishes and lv 200 peeps.

    then again our group tends to have lots of MM and crap plus as a MM i love buccs like a fat kid loves chocolate for their sweet sweet buffs.

    and i am sure a bossing (party bossing) oriented build would be interesting for those like me and i would love to see that.

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    The community pretty much defines mule as "any class with not enough significant damage to be considered a lethal attacker (compared to more powerful non-ranged classes) that contributes useful party buff(s)". Considering you said "buccaneers aren't at bosses for damage", that pretty much implies you think of them as mules. And yeah, i went to HT at 154 and did really well.

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    sadly the dps buccs dish out is up par with mages, and thats with maxed barrage. buccs are not a lethal attacker sadly. when was the last time a bucc ksed his party at zakum or HT i wonder?

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    As it stands they're about on par with Paladins and a good 50% or so stronger than Mages on single targets. They're not great by any means, but take it for what it's worth.

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    They aren't a lethal attacker, but they aren't mules either.

    Yours might be, but i don't know if you use your bucc to buff your MM. (though i do know you have the ability to)

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    i dont, i rather have hs and i only have 1 computer to run a mule. i am just saying that if someone that isnt a first tier attacker is a mule, everyone but sairs, BM, heros and NLs are just that mules. i dont see going si before maxing barrage as being a mule, i see it as a party orinted build.

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    I don't see it that way either, the mule conversation was a tangent off something else in that post before.

    The only real reason i could see for 11 SI being able to somehow make you more wanted at bosses is if the leader has connections with two buccaneers, one with 11 SI and the other (you) with level 1. Such a situation should never ever happen though, as chances are the leader will just take both of them anyway.

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    I've reported this guide and requested "Takebacker's" be removed as it is no longer your property. enjoy your ban and stolen credit.

    Also that is an insane guide. You did a really good job justifying your build choices.

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    How come ShiKage reccomends Stun Mastery, Transform, and Shockwave so much?

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    shockwave was decent before buccs were able to use all their skills transformed, now a days however it is considered obsolete since ds is better in all aspects and can be used during transform and out of it unlike shockwave

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    Level 122 Bucc here.

    So far I have:
    1 Barrage
    1 DS
    1 SI
    1 TL

    5 unused skill points.

    Old guides suggested to level SI until level 11 to get in parties... I cooouuld of have contacts to get into HT runs, but I don't really wanna devote me into that, is that necessary ?

    I was reading this guide and I liked it a lot, it makes sense to get DS first, pretty much level your main mob skill to train faster, right? Also we're probably getting the faster DS in a few patches, so that'd make it sweeter. However, is it really advised to leave Barrage at level 1 until level 131 and work only on DS? What's other people's experience on this?

    Also, how useful would be to have level 1 Supertransform/demo? I'd love to be able to try these skills without having to go all the way to level 144 D: you know, just for feeling it, even if I lose 2 skillpoints.

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    Uh, if you can get into HT with just 11 SI and still get some splits i'd say go for it if you want to. Most people don't have that option, which is why getting 11 SI first is useless.

    If you level DS first you don't really have a choice. Maxing barrage first isn't really a good idea unless you boss to level, which is dumb since buccs are somewhat slow bossers until max ST/demo.

    Pretty much useless. ST won't help you in training because the cooldown is long and you basically can't use drain. Demo doesn't out damage anything until level 22ish. If you want the looks though, go for it.



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