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    Thanks for answering, I'm following the DS first idea and it's going pretty nicely.

    So basically, in my 20's it's maxing DS, in my 30's barrage, and I should forget about bossing until 40's? or maybe I can start on mid 30's? For things like Pap, Pianus, and such.

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    I'm at 139 and have been bossing for exp o_o

    I'm sure you could boss whenever you want. Barrage + Dragon strike is a good combo.

    You can be like me and put 1 into Stransform and 1 demo for the lulz.

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    Oh you can still boss. I bossed at zak all the time in my 120/130s.

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    Thanks both~

    Level 131
    DS 30, Barrage 4, Time Leap 1, Speed Infusion 1

    So finally got around to max DS and working on barrage now. I could also make like Worthyness and S.Transform and maybe 1 or 2 Demolition, would that be really a terrible idea? I sort of feel weird not adding anything else but Barrage until 140... or is it better just to increase my barrage to boss? I haven't tried to Pap yet and I'd love to try ASAP.

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    Well technically you could start maxing demo and ST now, if you want. It'd make you way stronger than any 14x bucc with the tradeoff being that you're way weaker on single targets when not transformed.

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    So I put 1 transform 1 demo for lulz. Very lulzy indeed, the damage really sucks, it's fun since it has range, but doesn't even have enough damage to "stun" Geist Rog or 2nd form Pap, lulz. Still don't regret it, working on max barrage now.

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    So i have been following your skill build for marauder and going with energy charge and blast first and now with this new balance patch coming soon i was wondering if you think it would be better to swap the order you max energy drain/stun mastery (as blast is going to have a stun effect now) or would you suggest some other different order to do the skill points in?

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    The stun effect in Blast is moot really. It deals enough damage that youll stun 1 hit and the second hit could kill it even without the stun crit damage.

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    Best guide ive found so far... Anyway why 6 booster first ? issit because of the time ? because im using king pepe's silver maiden and its normal(6), even with level 3 booster i see no difference in attack speed unless its -2 at level 6.

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    You want to go for level 6 because at level 3 you recast every 30 secs, while at level 6 you recast every minute.

    Also, looking for new builds with new skills.

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    Updated the entire guide for KMST.

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    Lol, is lolwave not fail anymore?

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    I don't really know yet. It doesn't seem fail, but that's what we said about it back when blast still had a delay.

  14. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    I still find it somewhat useful, but not a priority useful. Maybe the new updates will make it slightly more useful. I know at galloperas, it would be crazy useful.

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    It's not lolwave anymore, but still pales compared to Blast. Galloperas could be the only exception.

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    It would be amazingly useful at gallos and himes and any other flat map in the game. However...there is no obvious solution at this point. We don't know which combination of skills is most useful, unless you want to sacrifice some 4th job SP down the road. At this point, my build leaves shockwave at level 22. Obviously, it's max or bust. It seems that this is how marauders should have been to begin with. Being forced to choose between being really strong around half the time (transform build) and being consistently strong (blast build). Even if shockwave is much faster, in my opinion it wouldn't overshadow the usefulness of blast. That said, we don't know how useful blast is under this new system.

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    We sure can take a guess. Considering it stuns and we now have Critical Punch that stacks with Stun Mastery, that's even more damage from Blast. It's probably going to rival Dragon Strike, depending on how things work now.

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    You forgot to remove Max HP Increase from the KMST build.

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    Max HP increase is still in the brawler skill book...?



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