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  1. Default [1.2.295] Even more dual blade tweaks

    III+ Job:
    -- Mirror Image boosted from 50% to 60%

    IV Job:
    -- Sudden Raid's MP cost greatly increased (470 --> 980 MP)

    -- All Legendary Daggers had their weapon attack increased by a minimum of 2 WATK and a maximum of 5 WATK.
    -- Delays were altered again (slashStom2 and bloodyStrom duration increased by 60ms each)

    EDIT: Skill tables are updated.

  2. Default

    Really? their SP needed a buff too? There are no words.

    But at least their ulti takes almost 1k mp now... even though that won't stop some people.
    And yay to more delay of their attacks :D

  3. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Isn't Dual Blade supposed come out in KMS tomorrow?

  4. Default

    Yep, unless it has been delayed. I can see them tweaking this class some more even after they have been released.

  5. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Oh god. What are the developers of KMS thinking? I'm crying on the inside right now at all these buffs to stuff that doesn't need buffing. No, increasing Sudden Raid's MP cost means nothing when you can use Sorcerer Elixirs to make it barely cost 1,500 mesos to get back that MP, or if the Dual Blader has over 2k HP it'll be even cheaper since the Dual Blader can use ~1.5 Sudden Raids for 1,500 mesos a pop.

    Mirror Image 60%?! I actually feel sorry for Night Lords/Walkers now.

    Dual Bladers: Our Shadow Partner is better than yours. Did we mention it looks cooler?
    Night Lords/Walkers: :(
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    maybe they'll buff shadow partner now?

    don't really get all buffing for this class. it was already uber strong.

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    10% higher DPS? Can't say that'll change much, especially if dummy effect works the way we think it will.

  8. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    Maybe not for bosses, but a free +10% DPS during training is srs business.

    *Actually, more like 6.7% DPS increase. 160% total damage with Mirror Image versus 150% total damage with the old Mirror Image.

  9. Default

    *rolls eyes*

    This class better have atrocious HP and be incredibly hard to HP wash.

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    The increase in their SP doesn't seem warranted given their reported dominance already...

    I don't think NoK knows what it is doing with Sudden Raid at all...

    First of all, unless the 980MP pushes past their available MP at level 120~130, then what is the point in raising it? Make teh double bladerz use moar potoins? That does nothing if it is spammable and as strong as reported in another thread, i.e. rivalling an AM's ultimate. Even if the scenario occurs where 980 is more MP than they have, what I'd do is MP wash by directly adding INT or with INT gear, send Raid up to 30 so I can train as fast as possible, then start moving MP into HP so I can boss when I get those said skills post-130, of course this is hypothetical building and QQing. I think they might have been thinking that their Ultimate should use a proportional amount of MP as AMs and their ultimates, but this would also make no sense given that I use 7000MP, there isn't a KMS potion (sold in stores) that will recover that for me while if I had the requisite MP to use Sudden Raid, I could just go and buy some pineappleing Chocolate to cover the 1000MP.

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    Hence KMS's "rebalance" on the archmages' ultimates. Not only does this ultimate cost less, it also casts faster from what i can see. It might also work with their SP.

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    Their ultimate doesn't work with Mirror Image, but it does work with Venom. When paired with the Final Cut boost, it can easily rival Arch Mages' ultimate. Plus, it isn't hindered by the magic damage formula.

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    Skill tables are updated.

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    Why does everyone seem to think HP is a fair way to balance classes? The absurdly rich always find a way around it. You're just asking to pay more money for the privilege of playing a stronger class.

    I'd rather see more fairly implemented classes and less of a focus on how much HP anyone has.

  15. Default

    I agree, but it's pretty clear that they don't intend on nerfing their other skills. HP is really the only limiting factor of this class, thus making it very expensive to play in the long run. If they have the same HP as Thieves, they're going to require a lot of HP washing to last at bosses. They really have no cons other than that.

    - Strong single target skill (Chains of Hell deals over 2000% of DPS)
    - Extremely useful party buff (Depending on how it stacks)
    - Spammable ultimate - Sudden Raid works with Venom and is better than Mage ultimates with the Final Cut buff.

    This class is more unbalanced than Bishops. They'll train fast, provide useful bossing buffs and also deal incredible single target damage.

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    This class is designed for kMS where they don't have such great gear as us nor apples. Apples would wreck this class. One of the few disadvantages I can see is that Chains of Hell requires you to be in Dark Sight and combined with Advanced Dark Sight means you might not come out when you want to pot. Otherwise, HP washing would reduce the possibility to actually use Sudden Raid practically.

  17. Default

    You know what this means though?

    With Dual Blade being so overpowered, they literally -upped- the standard. Which means that if when they decide to buff the old classes again, they have more room to work with other than just comparing them to Night Lords/Bowmasters/Heroes.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    I can't say constantly updating the standard so much and to such an insane frequency can be considered good, but it benefits everyone i suppose, so i don't know...

  19. Default

    3 hours until the patch is done actually.

  20. Default

    Upping the standard doesn't really benefit anyone in any meaningful way.



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