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    You can get skills of another class, they just won't show up and you can't use them. For example, you can get both +1 brandish and blast on a reverse sword, but you can't use one of them if they don't show up or both if you're a dark knight and randomly leveled up a sword.

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    Yes but theres actually logic to that, what could giving pirates +1 hurricane( i assume thats what storm arrow is...) possibly achieve, which is why hes confused i guess

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    what is neo city doing there when they have neo tokyo?

    GMS has a 50 50 chance geting neo tokyo

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    No, GMS does not; there is only neo city data present. If neo city is even being added in SEA, it might override the real area in every version but the version that made it.

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    About 4 hours before, actually.

    edit: oh you deleted it you sneaky boy.

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    maplesea is getting tera forest. some players got stuck there before the bugfix patch.

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    *headdesk* Just another reason to not play maple -_-

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    the current version is 0.90 by now.. *(due to numerous bug fixes). still doesn't stop the huge number of rollbacks.

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    ... But MSEA already has all of Neo Tokyo...

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    Just because it's in the data doesn't mean they're going to get it. The companies recieve "packages" from Nexon Korea and the translators translate it, and then whatever is next gets programmed in. It gets translated regardless, though. That's why it's there.

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    That doesn't explain why players got stuck in an area that "SEA isn't planning on releasing" though.

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    It got put in by accident? Like our failed night market.

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    I suppose this is something only someone with server experience could answer then. If it's in the data, does that automatically mean that the maps are in the game, but the means to get there by any normal player doesn't exist?


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