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    whats wrong with 5 hammers. each item has 2 unhammered slot. for anyone upgrading their whole suit they certainly need more than 5.
    it doesn't mean an item has 5 hammer slots.

    maplesea has neo tokyo, we are not likely to get neo city as well.

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    Glad to know that the dinosaur fossil and golem hand chairs are tradeable .
    I can use other chars with AoE to hunt for the crystals instead of my pala

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    14 hrs had pass and yet the patch is stil goin!

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    Yes. The New Version 0.89 is still ongoing patching status. The patch has been extended to 9pm (+8 GMT).

  5. Proton

    IGN: BuddyAran
    Server: Cassopeia
    Level: 115
    Job: Aran (13/02/11)
    Guild: Not telling
    Alliance: Not telling also


    Game Client Patch will extend to 2330hrs (+8 GMT). We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are trying our very best to resume the service as soon as possible.

    I'M PISSED!!! Now I think this patch holds the longest patch period so far~~~which is 16 hours and 30 mins!!

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    Hahaha, no.

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    Quite sure GMS had a 24 hour patch somewheres... And it was for something like Ariant or some other boring thing.

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    Scarlion prefix = MSEA
    Bosshunter prefix = GMS
    Wolf & Sheep = KMST
    Green snail shell = Other

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    I don't understand what the exp chairs do... At first I thought you can just afk and get exp, but it seems more like you have to train, and you don't get exp while you train; instead your exp is "stored" and you only gain it while afking.


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    may i request if yiou can extract how much vega's spell would cost in Acash? thanks

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    Can't extract it if it's not there. They may have added the date for Vega's Spell, but it's not currently being sold in the cash shop.

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    ouh.. thanks. between i made 3 billion in the past 5 days by selling off mini dungeon crystals lol. Since we can't exchange for a mw30 =/

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    Night Raven Knuckle
    Knuckler - Pirates only
    Required Level: 120
    Required STR: 330
    Required DEX: 120
    Weapon Attack: +83
    7 Slots
    Equip tradeblock

    Level Up: 4 times
    Weapon Attack: +(0~2)
    DEX: +(1~2)
    STR: +(0~1)
    Possible Skill: Storm Arrow +1

    Clarify, anyone?

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    What's there to clarify?

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    I think he's confused about why it's giving out possible skills.

    Zottenkriel, these equips work in the same way that Reverse/Timeless ones do. When you level them up, on the last level they have a chance to add a point to one of your class skills.

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    It could be, you know, something to do with there being no bucc skill called storm arrow,


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