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  1. Default [1.2.287] Bugfix... something's up with that tiger

    That cash shop item which had 2 MATK/WATK had those stats removed.

    All quests involving pets (Kenta's, etc.) work now with the tiger

    The four mobs in patch 286 had their physical and magical damage stats removed (MADamage, PADamage)

    Really not much to say.

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    Skills and a name please. D:


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    Oh, don't worry, they'll be back.... they'll be back....

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    Are there two versions of the Tiger's petequip or were you just showing the addition of a name in the 1.2.286 post?

    EDIT: I wonder why there are two versions of the Tiger's pet equip. o.o"
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    no skill strings or data came with this patch either. More of a waiting game. If there were any skill strings or data I'd be squealing like two chins on a raisin.

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    This hat?

    블랙 레이스 리본



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