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    I forgot to ask >_< These are all taking you to the other "Stonehenge" type portals right? The Dead Man's Gorge ones are the only ones that made me wonder cause it doesn't to be seem quite right.

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    Why did they bother with Crossroad 3's gate to Forgotten Path (top), when a tree portal goes to the same place?

    Also, where do you get the map of PF that allows use of the gates?
    edit: nvm found it. It's marked lvl 70, but many would probably do it much later (it's part of a quest line)
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    @ Stereo: I assumed they landed you in front of tree portals, because of the Dead Man's Gorge ones. Also, I simply call them "Gates", faster and easier than "special portals", "Stonehenge", etc

    @ random: I stated it in the main post.
    "Gate portals require you to have a Map of Phantom Forest (obtained from the level 70 quest Lost in Translation)."

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    Okay, here's a simplified (only includes "real" maps and paths to them) version, and the full one:


    Full + Crimsonwood Map Portals
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    "Real" maps meaning no Twisted Paths? You can't get everywhere without them though.

    Just noticed, left Bent Tree is a 2-way portal? Is that a mistake, or did they take out the old "Phantom Forest" map (meaning it was just a placeholder)? From what I remember, that portal returned you to the Haunted House spawn point, which is between the taxi and the mansion.

    And you missed Swamp Bog's left portal.

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    There are now 4 portals in the Haunted House map (left to right)
    - Swamp
    - Mansion
    - Phantom Forest
    - Bent Tree

    The 2 new ones have the "hidden portal" light up warps, the others are just like before.

    I believe Bent Tree and Swamp both return you to the middle of the Haunted House but I didn't mark that.

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    The "stonehedges" or "gates" (I like gates better, which is what I actually liked to call them as well but I put "special portals" so I don't confuse people lol) act like regular portals through the trees, it sends you to right on top of 1 of the portals for regular trees however, you cannot go back to the same exact position that you came from unless you walk back over there. Many of them are linked so you can keep going from 1 gate to another.

    edit: Oh, funny I didnt notice the portal all the way on the left at after you got off the taxi lol. Well, this is good news for me, now I can get to the top of forgotten path in just 3 maps . This speeds up the walking by at least 3/4 of the time compared to not having the map.
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    Yeah, it was the opposite for me, I didn't notice the Bent Tree portal. XD

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    Can someone help how reach map - Hidden Evil. I don't know how can i go up in Bent Tree map.

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    Yea, Im at a loss too. I have no clue how to reach Hidden Evil... According to the key, the only maps TO Bent Tree are crossroads 1, Haunted Hill, and Dead Man's Gorge..... And none of those portals seem to lead to the top right section of Bent Tree (where Hidden Evil is)

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    I've fixed a couple arrows, for now I think this one's fine.

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    The forgotten path gate goes to the left tree portal of swamp bog, but other than that, thats like the only thing that isn't exact, its not really important at all since people can tell where they're at.

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    Yea you should add the maps "hidden evil", "creeping evil", "evil rising", "the evil dead" (if its not that big of a problem), then it would be complete.

    The crossroad sign on the mid-top at "forgotten path" leads to "evil rising" (good training spot, it has a lot more elderwraiths than said in the extraction thread) and the crossroad sign at "hounted hill" leads to "Creeping Evil" (good for hunting charms), the crossroad sign at "Phantom Road" leads to "Evil Rising". Dunno how to get to "hidden evil", probably the unreachable crossroad sign at bent tree...

    Also can I ask how you make this images? I really wanne know! Inkscape?

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    As Stereo said: "I haven't included the 4 dead-end maps cause they are found easily in the 1st post."

    And I have listed the signpost portals, though I haven't added the maps themselves since they all only have one portal that just leads back to where you came from.

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    anyone plan to make a map for the maps past the JQ?

    you know for typhons and the caves of stuff...

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    "I don't plan on adding the Crimsonwood Mountain maps, unless there's a huge demand for them."

    Fiel's debug info isn't too hard to understand, you could use it until HS updates. (Have they? I haven't checked.)

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    how do you get to Creeping Evil?

    Edit: nvm found it
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    LOL woops. I read this thread a while back, so i forgot

    anyone mind linking me to those other info thingies?



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