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Thread: [Blog] Meet the MWLB - Pardus!

  1. Default Meet the MWLB - Pardus!

    This may be the least retarded one yet.

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    I agree, I choose to summon Pardas!

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    Holy crap. That's similar to mine.

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    Yeah, that actually makes sense. How many MWLB members have we learned about so far?

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    5 out of ~20.
    Incidentally one of them was also a victim of this hacking spree and got into a nasty fight with -Hime- because -Hime- essentially told her it was her own fault for doing things that put her at risk.
    She needless to say will not be showing up on one of these Meet The MWLB's any time soon.

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    Least retarded, but also the least entertaining.

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    It's 30 now iirc. Some may have quit though.

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    The best thus far and many leagues better than a guy trying to find his lost pet that following a vac hacked mob on Pig Beach.

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    They never really announced having picked the latest batch, so hard to say, especially with attrition. 20 seemed safer.

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    I find it funny that Eos said one of the MWLB got kicked because they got mad after getting hacked in the epidemic, and -Hime- said it was her fault. So funny.

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    Oh she didn't get kicked. She quit.

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    Part of me wishes she didn't quit and that they ended up hacking her MLWB account, since that would definitely wake Nexon up and make them have to respond.

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    By disabling the account. And probably taking action against the other accounts owned by the player, claiming it was their responsibility to maintain the account.

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    This is almost undoubtedly what would happen.
    She was already accused of being a failure with her own account security, seeing her MWLB compromised too would just "prove" that it was all her fault and she clearly wasn't trustworthy.

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    Is the fight still on the forums, or was it deleted? I'd like to read about it.
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    It wasn't on the forums, or at least not the public ones, but that was a guildie of mine who tried to call her out (in that public yo hime thread)

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    an actually decent story, short albeit?
    i am surprised. o-o

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    Just shows how ignorant Nexon is of what is going on with the current Hacking epidemic.



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