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  1. Default [1.2.283] Only one noteworthy change about this patch

    They changed Dark Sight. The delay was reduced from 100 ms to 30 ms.

    Also, during the balancing patch they accidentally changed Dark Sight to have a stab animation when you used the skill. Now it has the proper dark sight animation.

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    So the Dark Sight delay was reduced for a third time? The video that showed the DS delay after the balance patch is now out of date?


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    Yes. No idea.

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    what is it? hax speed now? o_O any faster than what they already had it at is like no-delay .___.

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    30/1000=.03 seconds. YOU CAN CAST DARK SIGHT 33 TIMES A MINUTE OH MY GOD

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    what? o.o... no that would be casting it like every 2 seconds, i thinks its like, thousands of times a minute! :D but i suppose its not bad, shadowers are totally underused

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    There's 60,000 ms in a minute. o.o

    It casts 2000 times a minute.

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    With so many casts I wouldn't be surprised if you get out of darksight while trying to activate it (like you push the button once and it goes in and back out because it's so fast)

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    Uhm, I don't know whether anyone noticed this or not;
    In the latest kMS patch Golden Temple was released, it's awesome.
    idk if that's good or not.

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    Hi nodelay.

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    You deactivate dark sight by using a normal attack, so it wouldn't turn off. :D

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    Hmz... They just should give Shadowers a Vanish-like skill like Nightwalkers have now (instead of FFS-useless-as-fck-lolFAIL-Ninja-Ambush), allowing them to cast -ANY- skill to get out of DS...

    New Skill... 10SP's -> 10% extra damage for using dark sight with skills (lvl1 = 1%, lvl10 = 10%) + add the assassinate chargeup option to all skills and not only Assassinate...

    Another nice addition would be if Meso Guard guarded the MP damage from 1/1 attacks as well... it's fcking annoying when you're charging up assassinate in DS (Zakum superwdef, etc) and then you get hit by a 1/1 attack, have 50% HP left, but 1 MP, so you can't even USE assassinate to get out of the fricking DS to repot... -.-)...

    Ah well... all these good idea's... will never happen... :/
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    The only problem about adding new skills is the SP. However, it could be quite interesting to add those effects to already existing skills. Imagine if shield mastery did that dark sight thing, as well as its current definition. Or fit it as a passive thing from ninja ambush, would make more sense.

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    If only, if only shield mastery did something worth putting points into. :X

    passive attack anyone? :P



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