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Thread: [In Progress] "Frantic Fridays" with the GMs

  1. Default "Frantic Fridays" with the GMs

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    So they're incapable of hosting the same event at the same time for all the servers now? Guess all those server upgrades hurt more than they helped.

    And LOL @ "Wild West" spirit of Galicia = 4 hours of events.

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    YAY 9 am for us! Now i know what i'll do. I'll stay home to play maplestory! GG nexon.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    It's nothing to do with server upgrades. It's that they allocated only 2 people (or possibly 1 person, on two or three computers at a time) for these events. And that's also why some servers get the events at unreasonable hours.

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    Hey guys, now we know what times Nexon eats! Midday and at 6 PM, and it looks like a coffee break at 8 PM.

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    Because obviously their GMs can be in 11 places at once due to the server upgrades. Makes perfect sense!

    This event officially goes into the "meh" category.

    8 PM looks like a shift change. Coffee breaks don't last an hour.

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    I don't understand why Nexon believes that the average Beran is able to enjoy the 10 AM Monster Summoning event. Way to put an event during school hours, Nexon.

    Eh, good thing these events suck anyways.

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    The times cater to the 1 person running two computers, not to the players =/

  9. Neutron
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    Or maybe they just remembered that "Holy crap, we still have europeans in this version. You think they might like the chance to participate in some of the few events we hold?" and now they're giving it a shot to see what happens.
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    8AM for Demethos. How fail.



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