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  1. Default Reputation system enabled

    However... it won't be used for reputation.

    In the spirit of having accurate information, users are encouraged to find mistakes in my extractions and data. For each mistake or correction you make and with you being correct, you will be awarded one reputation point. You will also receive one reputation point for each suggestion you make to enhance extractions that is implemented. There are no consequences for submitting corrections or suggestions. Think of the reputation point as your Knuth check. To make a suggestion or correction, please post in the given extraction thread with your correction or request. Please do not PM me with corrections or suggestions as I can only give reputation on posts.

    If you are able to give other people reputation, please inform me that you can. The reputation system will only be used for extraction corrections and, as such, I do not want to pollute people's correct submissions.

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    So it's a way to track who finds the most typoes? o.0
    I don't see much incentive there, other than pure competition.

    With Knuth, you at least get money, which could be used towards a soda, or something.


  3. Default

    The purpose is competition. I want people to point out mistakes in my extractions which in turn makes my extractions better.

    Knuth no longer gives out money, rather he sends out Hexadecimal certificates. He had to stop sending checks due to check fraud.

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    "Hurr hurr hurr I've made more corrections than you!"

    It would make more sense if you got a reward. Like if you got 20 rep points you could get donor status.

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    Does this only apply to extraction threads, or to all of your informative threads?

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    Sounds like a good idea.

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    So how are we supposed to find any errors in your data if we're not extracting ourselves?

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    Perhaps typos? At least, that's what I think.

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    So...we're rewarding failure?

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    You play a Nexon game don't you?

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    I see what you did there...

    is the rep bar the small thing next to my title that says im thinking about corrections?

    Edit: Also is there any way of getting rep with out being Rick?

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  13. Default

    But still, isn't it possible that the typoes were made by Nexon themselves?

    I don't really see how this is going to work for those who don't extract themselves.

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    This has been boggling my mind too. Though I suppose it's more of a concept error since after running scripts on a few versions of the .wz data, you'd think you'd handle all of the kinks and any "mistake" that turns up is really there. Extractions alone don't really tell you the whole story anyways =P

    EDIT: Do we get rep points for pointing out important things from extractions that are otherwise missing? Like the Aran skills not showing up for reverse/timeless equips as mentioned in this thread. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen a mention to this otherwise. (and I don't feel like wading through 20+ pages of posts)
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    Any thread or post of mine that is based on an extraction theme. This includes all posts in the extractions board and all posts in skill tables, etc.

    I've already given out at least 10 reputation points so far in the extraction boards, so this is happening.

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    is it possible to disable this thing for a user? i mean as much fun as it is, the data already confuses me enough, and i dont feel like going up against the rest of SP in a battle of grammar and punctuation. because clearly im someone that should be seen to look for when it comes to proper punctuation. >_> /* not that im incapable, nor lazy, im just comfortable posting without capitalizing the Is and using an apostrophe. */

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    Seems like you didn't answer my question paul.

    Let me rephrase: Are rep points rewarded for posting information that someone feels is important to include in the extractions, which you neglected to include? For example, in v.99 GMS, some previously existing medal was modified to be much more powerful than it was previously. You post an extraction thread for GMS v.99, but you do not mention this change for whatever reason, and people eventually notice this change in-game. Would the people posting in your thread pointing out this change earn a rep point?

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    This is dumb. The only people that'll find mistakes in your extractions are those that extract data themselves. Nobody else really knows how to look.

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    You say that like there aren't dozens of people here already who can, have and do. Nothing is stopping you from participating if you really want to, and if you don't want to participate it's really none of your concern.

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    Well, you have less likelihood of making useful suggestions but you can still do it. If something looks wrong, it probably is.

    eg. I suggest that if possible, maps added should list portals to other maps, maybe with little X marks showing where the portals are? I remember that information was available with the Phantom Forest patch, just not directly in the extraction thread.

    It's useful when Nexon adds a new area, forgets to make Nearest Town scrolls work, and I don't remember the way out.
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