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  1. Default [1.2.275] The rebalancing commences

    Rogue - Dark Sight now happens immediately - no delay.
    Evan (V) - Magic Shield range increased
    Evan (VIII) - Ghost Lettering is now dark element
    Buccaneer - Horizontal range on Barrage increased by 40% (85 pixels --> 120 pixels)
    F/P (III) - Explosion's delay reduced (900 ms --> 660 ms)

    NEW SONG: DragonRider.mp3

    All Skill Balances

    F/P Mage (II)

    F/P Mage (III)

    I/L Mage (III)


    Chief Bandit





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  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    I smell an extract coming along the way?

    *Doh, didn't read the sub-section thread was in. In THAT case, bring on the changes!

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  3. Default

    Can't wait to hear more!

    *turns on Maple Kombat on youtube to come back later to check for more*

    Wait, no Pallys affected(so far)?! Oh well, I guess that'll come later...

  4. Default

    Wut? Where's my archer rebalancing!?

  5. Flatpanel TV
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    I guess warrior and archer rebalancings will be coming later.

  6. Default

    lmao at 7 second freeze from Elemental Boost.

    And wow, Buccs got real Stance. Now they just need to make energy charge with each hit instead of each attack -- like how Aran get two hits to their combo for Double and Triple Swing. It's pretty stupid that Demo only charges energy once.

  7. Default

    Wow, 90% Stance for Buccs. Awesome!

    And finally they reduced the delays in Explosion. How fast is it now?

    PS. Did they increase Rapid Fire's range? I could've sworn it was 350% before, or is that just accounting for the removal of minimum range?

  8. Default

    *crosses fingers for more bucc changes*
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    They added to Rapid Fire's range

    Before: 900 ms
    After: 660 ms

  10. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: Me
    Server: Life
    Level: 17
    Job: Working Hard
    Guild: Doing Good
    Alliance: For the Earth


    Paul, I'm pretty sure they increased Battleship durability too. Am I right?

  11. Default

    Matching this to the times on Bui's thread:

    Fast (4): 1500ms (-120ms)
    Fast (5): 1560ms (-60ms)
    Normal (6): 1620ms
    Slow (7): 1680ms (+60ms)
    Slow (8): 1710ms (+90ms)
    Fast (4): 1620ms (-120ms)
    Fast (5): 1680ms (-60ms)
    Normal (6): 1740ms
    Slow (7): 1770ms (+30ms)
    Slow (8): 1830ms (+90ms)
    Fast (4): 1710ms (-90ms)
    Fast (5): 1770ms (-30ms)
    Normal (6): 1800ms
    Slow (7): 1860ms (+60ms)
    Slow (8): 1920ms (+120ms)

    Assuming it's a proportional increase (which may be wrong), Explosion with full booster and a Fast 4 wand is now 1100 ms.

    Still a good deal slower than Fire Arrow but wayyy better than before. It's around the order of Shining Ray speed.

  12. Default

    That's a formula change. There are no formulas in the WZ files.

  13. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: Me
    Server: Life
    Level: 17
    Job: Working Hard
    Guild: Doing Good
    Alliance: For the Earth


    I see.

  14. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    The new song was much different than I imagined of a dragon rider theme song O_o. Very upbeat and fastpast. Feels like I heard it before.

    I still find it quite odd Fire Arrow now hits multiple monsters. It just seems weird.

  15. Default

    So they could have potentially changed the magic formula as well?

    Not to say having 150%*125%=187.5% damage increase on regular mobs is dissapointing.

    Edit: I just read the patch notes, looks like no change to the formula this patch. But they could do more changes later on. In fact, I'm pretty sure they will because one of the big classes they talked about was Paladins and there's nothing for them here.
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