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    Isaac, you always amaze me with your effort on strategywiki despite that I also try to gather info on the new area/PQ releases.

    Well done .

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    I decided to add set 3 items, even though they don't really have any hints. It's really more of an insight into Taru culture and traditions, and information on the weapons and their designs.

    I still need Maku and Xaru descriptions (I had both, but forgot to take SS before it was sold...)

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    wow. Isaac thanks for posting this. Without you, nexon might actually surprise us!

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    Okay, I've edited a screenshot to show my thoughts, I'd like to see what other people think.


    The black shows what I think will be Foxwit's Den. The blue is Krakia, which you get to from that weird pyramid thing in the Krakian Jungle Basin map (hence the arrow). The red shows the way to Vineland, because... well, I don't know where else that would go. xD The arrow shows where Vineland will be imo.
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    Magatia is a town in Ossyria, near Ariant, populated by Alchemists.

    Masteria is a continent, which contains the towns of New Leaf City, Haunted House, and in the near future, Crimsonwood Keep.


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    Yeah, we'll get Magatia eventually. Like I said, Masteria is a continent, so we'll get towns added on to masteria over time just like how we got towns added on to Ossyria.

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    The blue thing is random scenery. You see it in the background when you're in those maps. The triangle thing is similar, you see one of those above foxwit and another of them out in the middle of nowhere, I believe.

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    if there's anything we've learned at this point, it's that there's no such thing as "Random Scenery" in NLC. :p

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    Trace it a road and stick it a blue dot. Looks like the Pendergast Mansion, doesn't it?

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    It's the Technodrome!

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    I know I've said it before, but the badlands map is connected to the town. There is a clear path coming off of the town directly below it. I believe that map will lead down that path, although what specifically it is leading TO is a whole other question. Could be simply the den of the Dragon Ninjas, could be something like Vineland, could even be something that hasn't even been mentioned ingame, like an underwater area of the continent that failed to resurface (which would make for a perfect tie-in to Aqua).

    Notice also that there is a sign pointing to vineland in NLC town square as well. Given the other present signs in the town, it would indicate the way to vineland is from the town itself directly, not branching off of a map in the outskirts.

    As an aside, I really hope they fill in the maps between NLC and the Phantom Forest. I'd hate to think the Forest is sitting over there, isolated, and the only way to get there is by a taxi. I think it's absurd to act like the path is too dangerous for players to enter; some people have faced down Horntail, but they can't handle wandering into this forest?

    Explain the vaginal Leafre flowers then!

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    Vaginal Leafre Flowers?WTH?
    I'm the only person that never noticed it?Could you post a SS?o.o

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    Take a stroll through NLC or Leafre outskirts with your imagination engaged and you'll see them.

    I don't have the resources at hand to show you directly.

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    You had no idea how weird it felt to go hunting for vaginas.

    Is this it?

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    Btw,why is it in the category PinkBean?

    It has a vagina too?o.o
    btw,i think its the right one D:

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    Yeah, definitely it. Can't see it in Fiel's picture, but it DRIPSSSSSSS

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    Looks more like someone's crying out of his left eye than a vagina, perverted Afrobean.

    Of course, I really can't knock the guy. I did go hunting for vaginas.

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    bullpomegranate fiel that definatly looks like a plum



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