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  1. Default Photobucket account being closed

    I'm no longer using photobucket for my image hosting. I'm now using a new server (Big thanks BullDog!) which allows me to have more control over how my images are used. I am particularly a bit upset about people stealing images and raising up my bandwidth usage to 150 - 200GB a month (even though my consumed space is only 125MB according to photobucket) which is something I hope to lower.

    So, all images have been redirected to use the new server. Because I have access to certain abilities that allow me to prevent hotlinking, the following sites are the only ones which are able to hotlink from the new server:


    If you would like your website added to this list, please contact me. Note that being on this list in no way, shape, or form makes an affiliate with any of these sites.

    If you currently have a guide on Southperry which depended on my photobucket images, there's no need to worry. All of the pictures have been rehosted on the other server and your links are already changed for you

    This is a reminder that if you want to use these images you should always re-host them for yourself. Or, you can simply link to the extraction topic that contains the image. Do not steal bandwidth!

  2. Default

    I'm going to put a blog up soon, and I would like your permission to use some of your images if that's ok. Not many, just some skill stuff probably.

    Can I PM with everything when I'm ready?

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    I always rehost the images on my photobucket account anyway. Glad you finally did something about the bandwidth thievery.

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    Ah! So this is how you solved the problem with that other website that kept on steal-


  5. Default or

    Those are the KMS and JMS forums. We CAN extract our own stuff, but if you've already done it, we'd love to be able to use your images. =]
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    I use a site infrequently that punishes hotlinking from their resources by permanently tagging the person's usertitle as "bandwidth thief" and banning him if he does it further. Something like that might be in order here, if bandwidth thieves are a problem

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    Question Fiel: Does it cost more if you use more bandwidth?

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    How exactly? The people hotlinking don't necessarily have to be users here. I mean, Fiel can make a shock image (or a sternly worded warning) show up to those not on the whitelist for loading the images at worst, but beyond that not too much else can be done.

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    I really don't understand what the switch as for...

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    Might i suggest a shock image that is revolting/warrants immediate ban on other forums?

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    On photobucket, Fiel couldn't control what sites could use his images. With this switch, he can.

  12. Default

    What... ban on Southperry because we send them shock images? Sure. Yeah, that sounds great. We need more websites to ban Southperry.

    It should be obnoxious, not vulgar.

  13. Default

    still have fast ftps for hosting if you ever run out of space :)

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    To be fair, basil doesn't even have image posting capabilities (and if they did SP is blocked anyway), and SW blocks SP, so no direct image posting there anyway.

    What else is there that matters?

    "It should be" implies you're actually considering the idea though, which is good.

  15. Default

    I concurr that all direct images that have no permissions should result in fail.jpg

    Or perhaps we should have a nomination thread and then select a winner with voting afterwards.

  16. Default

    I nominate the SP horse.

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    Fail.jpg is 83 kB. Ahh, the bandwidth.

    y not smt lyk dis?

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    This is really good but make it a gif that goes through "please wait." "please wait.." and "please wait..."



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