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  1. xDae

    Default Portal to Nautilus in Omega Sector?

    Was going to make a SCG and I saw this after I got lost

    Anyone else notice this?

    EDIT - Here is the exit

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    Yeah, I've seen it a few times. We did update all of our maps to the newer KMS versions you know :P

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    You need some sort of ticket to enter that portal, if you enter that portal you will be in Nautilus Port.

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    That does look like a portal. I tried entering it, but nothing happened. There probably will be a catch, though, like the Magic Seed to use the Leafre -> Ellinia portal.

    There's a skull symbol on the side of it that looks like the Nautilus Port symbol.

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    We can't figure out how to use it in KMS X_X
    Reportedly it's for the Nooby Nautilus port quests, which involve delivering items to Omega, but none of us have used it successfully.

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    Uhm.. I noticed that.

    Also, I'd want to ask a noob question. Are Nautilus Port's maps added to GMS, so that if the portal worked (and it's not going to happen until the release of Pirates) we could go in Nautilus Port?

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    Hasnt it already been brought up?

    Taken from a post in the other thread by ZYXWVUT:

    Lern2search. We dont need a thread about each portal since it has somewhat the same function/discussion, do we?

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    Short answer:

  9. xDae


    The portal already being in GMS has not been discussed. That thread was only about what is required to use the portal

    If Isaac felt that this was a repeat post, useless thread, etc he would have closed it by now

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    Everyone hates Omega Sector,except for iTCG quests @_@
    So,it's useless muahahahahah @_@
    (its not TOO useless in gMS,since we have Masteria <3)

    Also,i never noticed it :D

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    I really liked doing the Omega sector quests, but after that... I only go there for iTCG. XD

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    Omega is useless for me,last time i was there was on the day after NLC Patch to get Elpham things....

    NO MONEY = NO ITCG @_@

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    So Nautilus Port <-> Omega portal is kinda like the Perion -> Ariant transport how you can only use it for a low-leveled quest? I was hoping for some quicker transport between victoria and ludi. =/

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    Not me, that's where I found most of my good equips (eg. Nimble Wristguard). Also I go there to obtain the alien sack and the 10% weapon scrolls regardless on what character.

    Generally speaking, I never noticed the portal until you posted this thread. How long has it been there?

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    There's a Perion to Ariant transport?

  16. Default

    Its not Perion exactly, and its only one way.

    You talk to the npc Karcasa(you impersonate Tigun and talk to him in one quest).
    He offers to get you to a "random" town in Vic for about 10k I think.
    The story guise is funny, he "smuggles" you back to Vic aboard a cargo ship

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    No, she was talking about Manji's quest. Manji has a quest with a maximum level of 29 where he will send you to Ariant for free, and instantly, up to 5 times. It mostly exists just to get 2x to ariant and make sure Ariant gets used.

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    I like Omega Sector. It's fun to pretend you're escaping from a high security prison naked with a baseball bat.



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