Welcome to the Call to Action forum!

Nexon has consistently claimed they intend to be more responsive to their player base, then ignored us, or refused to even give us a means to be heard.

The purpose of this forum is
  1. to provide organized rallies around specific MapleStory topics and make ourselves
  2. intelligent discussion regarding the planning and implementation of communication campaigns to Nexon.

To properly get their attention we've got to coordinate outreach campaigns they can't so easily dismiss or ignore, and contact them in a manner that's more direct and personal.

It's equally important when establishing a call to action that we remember what we are not.
  1. We are not a Nexon bashing forum.
  2. We are not using violence or inappropriate behavior to be heard.
  3. We are not just going to tell them what they're doing wrong or how they fail - Calls are to target specific actionable items to improve the game.