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    Then where does chapter 2 begin? I've only got the first netherworld and the 8 DLC ones, nothing else. o-o

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    IIRC you have to talk to the netherworld folk, Seraphina's servants (Maid and Prinnies), to get to the next area.

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    Seriously never thought of talking to the generics, I only remember RMagnus giving me a special convo when I accidentally talked to him. Thanks!
    I didn't wanna restart because of a maid randomly generated(?) when I started was named Thigh Highs, and I fell in love with her because of it. LOL

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    Tales of Zestiria: Sisters and I beat the game about month or two ago. Haven't fully finished the post-game dungeon, and we still need to eventually start on the Alisha DLC story.

    Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam: Got the game on release and beat it yesterday. Finished at level 42 and proceeded to grind out to 46 for Rainbow rank just to get the final bonuses. Unsure if I want to grind out for the Wellington boots.

    Fire Emblem: Awakening: Picked it back up in anticipation for Fates, and, because I never finished the game. Was surprised to see I was only 5 chapters away from actually beating it. Ended up plowing through the remaining chapters pretty easily.

    Yoshi's Wooly World: Sisters had it since release, but I personally never played the game until this past week. Currently on World 4.

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    Default Re: What are you playing?


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    I don't even play FFXIV and that trailer was pretty hype. Music definitely made it, though.

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    I am generally on Elder Scrolls Online these days. Lots of single player stuff, enough multiplayer stuff, no real trouble finding good people, not too expensive, and I think they deliberately made it so it wouldn't be as addictive as some other games are on. That, and no hackers.

    We did have a dude plotting to murder his in-game rival. He got permabanned and partyvanned.

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    Oi, haven't posted anything since Disgaea.. Well, I 'finished' that, 81% or so trophy-wise, last 4 I needed where too much of a grind to even attempt for me(I'm a lazy ass).
    I recently got my first Neptunia game with V2, and managed to platinum it(first ever plat, WOOH) in like 20 days or something, gonna wait for it to get all its DLC characters before I go in for a new playthrough with them.

    I just got Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival, and am slowly making my way through it, not aiming to be as serious on this game, Disgaea already taught me that NIS develops their games with hard to get trophies, lol. I'll likely just settle at high 60% or in the 70s.

    I have a few games backlogged, of course; Tales of Zestiria, SAO Re:HF, SAO LS, Nitroplus Blasterz, and Naruto(which I don't plan to start till the anime finishes).
    Other than Nitroplus, I do want to playthrough those soon, but I'm so lazy and more games on my list keep releasing! 2016 has way too many good looking releases. ;~;

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    Stardew Valley
    NIggus you really need to hop on that train

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    Fire Emblem Fates: Finished off Birthright and Conquest on Lunatic/Classic. Gonna start up Revelation Lunatic/Casual in a few days or so.

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD: Finished off KH2 on Critical tonight. Another case of "Played the game a year ago and dropped it 3/4ths of the way through." Going to start working on the post-game stuff tomorrow.

    Legend of Mana: Got it on the PSN from a RL friend a billion years ago and never actually played it due to other games. Sister and I started playing and are about 1/3rd of the way through.

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    @Dark Link; Damn. I forgot about KH.

    I bought KH 1.5 and 2.5 when it was on sale about a month back. I really need to play catch up with that series.

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    I need to catch up as well. Especially with 2.8 releasing sometime this year. Haven't touched RE:CoM or BBSFM

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    Got tired of WHK fast once normal mobs 1shot me more frequently, only got like 13% on trophies, will get back to it eventually(if I feel like it).

    Picked up Senran Kagura EV a few weeks back, and just two days ago opened it/started playing. Game's totally fun, and I can foresee myself getting my 2nd plat with it. @_@
    Still waiting on NISA to send out my LE for Nights of Azure, and I may go for Atelier Sophie, since they're publishing that this year.

    I need to stop adding games to my library, but 2016's sooooooo good on releases. ;~;
    (Also, just gonna bold the titles from now on.)



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