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    Yeah, I do agree. Re-reading the ASOUE books as an adult left me just a little more jaded than I was when I read them as a 15-year old, regarding the ending. I still adore the series, though, I just love his style of writing and his characters.

    Hmm, Abercrombie's books sound very interesting, right up my alley. I'm going to have to look them up as soon as I can, I'm already intrigued.

  2. Default Re: The thread all about good books

    I hope you'll love them as much as I do. Another fun thing you can do while reading it is to spot the references as some seemingly innocuous detail from page whatever tends to become something major later on. Of the five so far only Best Served Cold is a stand-alone, but its ties with the First Law series means that you'd enjoy it a bit more if you read that first, while The Heroes is the first part of an upcoming trilogy.



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