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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.265] New mage class!

  1. Default [1.2.265] New mage class!


    - Battlemages linked to certain quests: - "2218" is a very strange ID for a class. This class will not have subclasses, but it will be something strange dealing with its job and advancement. Perhaps the magician transforms into the dragon and transforming into the dragon changes the skill set and skillID - that's the only logical conclusion I have now.

    The new class is definitely a magician type class.

    The reason why the following weapon types may seem strange to you (Dragon/Face, Dragon/Talisman, etc.) is because each of these start with a different number in the WZ files:

    Things that look like a facemask = 194
    Things that look like a pendant = 195
    Things that look like a talisman = 196
    Things that look like a wristguard = 197

    I do not know for sure how these all interrelate yet. The only thing I find peculiar is that they all belong to the "Tm" (Taming Mob) class, which makes me believe that these equips will be placed on a dragon mount or familiar of some sort (and therefore Battlemage/summoner) and not on the character itself.

    There were no new folders created in Skill.wz, nor are there strings for the new class. However it's obvious that this new class is well on its way.

    The strings changed for the names of the Dragon equips below. Perhaps these string changes will give us some clue for what is to come: 저레벨 드래곤 투구 중레벨 드래곤 투구 고레벨 드래곤 투구 저레벨 드래곤 펜던트 중레벨 드래곤 펜던트 고레벨 드래곤 펜던트 저레벨 드래곤 날개 장식 중레벨 드래곤 날개 장식 고레벨 드래곤 날개 장식 저레벨 드래곤 꼬리 장식 중레벨 드래곤 꼬리 장식 고레벨 드래곤 꼬리 장식


    194 = Helm
    195 = Pendant
    196 = Wings
    197 = Tail

    Racie posted some equip names. These strings further point to a battlemage class over a summoner type class.

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    Battle mageeeeeeeeeeeee pro.

    Do f'ucking want.

    EDIT: How does the Mount equipment work? o_o
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    Oeh~~ im so excited for the new class never thaught of an magician class with all the rumors about str dits or stuff this sounds very nice

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    lolSummoners. You know, a lot of RPGs had a Summoner-class, I'm surprised they didn't do this sooner. I wonder if they get to summon multiple elemental-monsters at once or what. I know in games like Tales, you can summon one mystic-being at a time at the cost of a huge amount of your MP (or TP, same thing). In games like Legend of Dragoon, you can summon them over and over and over, but they last only for 1 turn, though they don't cost too much MP.

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    Only question to come; is what it'll be like for the class progression. We can only guess until we've got more information in the meantime.

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    Thank you, Fiel.

    I can't wait to see the entire job and its town.

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    Sounds like something I might actually play, unlike Aran. Can't wait.

    Edit: But yeah, looks like they're going in order, then? Warrior -> Magician -> Bowman -> Thief -> Pirate

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    Err... for all you know, that's just items coming to help balance the skull belts, that are all for att.
    Mages have been made out to be seriously weak at bosses, due to Onyx Apples, so maybe that's the magic-att part of their power-boosting events.

    There is, of course, no evidence in current files, since the class is just debuting in KMS in a few monthes. Their files are probably not even completed, and just barely being prepared to be patched.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Personally, I'm hoping for a INT+STR type class, that utilizes both wep-att, and magic-att. All the classes are way too hyped on DEX.
    What I'm imagining is sort like how Pirates have a higher state (SuperTrans/BattleShip), except the higher state of power would be the opposing form of att (magic, or weapon)

    Hopefully, it'll be a totally new system, just like Aran, giving us a totally new form of game-play.

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    Actually, they're supposed to be Dragon equips if I got it right.

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    Hot damn. I'd like to see how this class is played. Maybe it'll convince me to hop back on the magician train.

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    I have a sneaking suspicion that this class might suck. Summon AI has never been all that good. Nor has magic damage unless it's an ultimate. We shall see.

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    looks more to me like a mount you can attack on (think battleship but not restricted to the cannon). Not saying there won't also be summons but this looks like a Mage Knight style mounted unit.

    Been wondering when they'd do something for that "mob equip" slot...

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    BATTLE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.. so that's what the Mob Equip slot is for!

    Well, I'd probably stick with Aran tbh, but this sounds really cool. :\

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    The equips here give INT and LUK, so anyone hoping for a non-traditional Mage class (unless new equips start adding STR too), then we're SOL.

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    Well, I don't know.. LUK for weapons i.e. Thieves?

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    ten bucks says you're going to be fighting while riding a dragon mount.


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    Don't really like Magician, but still curious about this stuff. Sounds like you'll be riding around on your mount, casting stuff or making it attack.

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    sweeeet nice, i wonder if other classes get to equip wings too

    edit: lol nvm this, wont happen
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    Awesome, The more different classes and playing styles the better. Can't wait to see how this turns out.



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