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Thread: [Notice] Permanent Pet

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    Now for hoarding 9,9k NX... This will come in conflict with my savings for an ewand5, but I have until level 130 for that...

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    Are they retarded?

    "...are only 9,900 for infinite number of days!"

    That means they'll be 9,900 forever. I don't think that's what nexon meant.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Mmmmmmm White Tiger!

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    You have to try really hard to intentionally misunderstand that one.

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    Oh I am retarded. I wasn't even thinking about the fact that they last forever, but rather about the sale.

    edit: nah I'm dumb.
    Last edited by Sarah; 2009-11-10 at 06:03 PM.

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    Context hon.
    Tomorrow we'll work on sounding out words.

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    I wasn't reading the beginning of the paragraph just focusing on the one sentence. That is why I edited before you posted. You're just too quick.

    Anyway, I've thoroughly embarrassed myself here... *slinks off*

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    Careful, reveal embarrassing you is all it takes you make you quiet and the trolls will start perfecting shame-inducing techniques.

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    Now I regret spending my nx on permanent clothes, lol.

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    This only seems worth it if you don't already own a pet. If I buy a perma pet it won't pay for itself until next February at the earliest, assuming I keep playing MS and buying Water of Lifes as soon as my pet expires.

  12. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Y'know, I wish we woulda known about this back when Kino first came out; when it was in the package. Now it just seems like it would be a waste to get a Perma Kino (and I don't care for the other two pets being offered).


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    Soooo where are the perma collar, leash and chew toy equips Oopia said were coming?

    B> perma pet equips.

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    Never said any such thing. Just found pet related items.

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    So they're basically having the sale forever?

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    But but what about this!?

    Then it hit me: this must be a part of whatever it is development is so pumped about…

    Please please tell me that just removing an expiry date isnt something the Development Team is pumped about...

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    If that were true, they'd attempt to remove the expiration dates from those four glitched equips that they spawned by removing the locks from Sam's items

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    Now to just release an ultra water of life for existing pets to make them permanent. I am NOT going to buy another pet, just because it's perma, when i already own 10. Help me make my current pets permanent Nexon.

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    I still want perma pet equips.

    I'd love to be able to have a pet on each of my various accounts and be able to play them when I want or alternate playing them at the same time. Also if I buy a pet I expect to be able to use them on EVERY character I make on my account...stuff the individual CS for Cygnus/Aran/Adventurer.

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    This. I'd consider paying extra and reviving all my pets at once if it meant my penguin, husky, and crystal reindeer would stay forever.



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