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Thread: v79 Changes

  1. Default v79 Changes

    Tide-you-over till Fiel posts his.

    Monsterbook - No Changes
    Recipes - No Changes




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    So basically, patch is pure crap.

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    Was that ever for doubt?

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    Level: me
    Job: so confused.
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    Well, I had no doubt. Just re-stating.

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    Still no changes in MonsterBook that kill me the most, i don't care about the rest.

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    Basically what everyone else said in the v.79 thread. Repitition is annoying.

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    lol @ "neckles" instead than "necklace" and "turn this into" instead than "turn this in to". GG NEXON, you got some nice typos there. Luckily they fixed them. They almost never do it.

    My guess is that someone does an oral translation of the Korean text and someone else writes it.. that's the only way to explain how someone can write "neckles" instead than "necklace".. well, the word "neckles" doesn't even exist, but whatever..

    Also, I see that they removed the [Main] tags from the new "GMS-exclusive" quests. I prefer them now. I think that the [Main] tag was added for mistake, as they probably used it on their test server to distinguish the various kinds of new quests.. (maybe new exclusive ones are in the development) or something like that.

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    More interested in this.

    "A pair of futuristic eyeglasses previously worn by Turkey Commando."

    They didn't have ETC drops specific to them before, did they?

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    It's a quest item, it stacks in ones. Either that, or nexon wants us to say goodbye to buy more ETC slots.

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    They're for Foxwit's quest.

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    "Kawaii Kitty Shoes"

    Weaboos are taking over the world...

    Quick! Everyone! Take the suicide pills before it's too late and you're assimilated into their lifestyle!!!

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    Oh no.

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    I noticed that too, but was deeply disappointed to see it was unrelated.

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    Foxwit's quest speech has some vague hints on Krakia. Not that that really means anything...

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    It's the same text of the last 2 years, except they made a quest with it. That's because the other years you had to talk to Professor Foxwit to know the story, and almost nobody did it. Now that there's a quest for it, more people will be interested in doing it and will get to know the story behind the Turkey Commandos.

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    Knowing Nexon, there probably will never be Masteria Monster Book Cards.
    There is little hope.

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    I assumed as much. For some reason, I never really played ms between november and february in the past 4 years.

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    So this means the Olivia & other halloween quests are going to be removed? T__T

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    Ayan is an NPC in perion. No need to panic.

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