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Thread: [Update] V.79 A November to Remember

  1. Default V.79 A November to Remember

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    What what what?

    Episode 1? Remote Gachapon? A November to remember?

    Probably just tons of events and crap. Episode 1 could be something cool, but they didn't say there will be Aran pre-quests, meaning we're not getting them in December, but in January. All my hopes are crushed. Oh well. I just won't be able to train much with my Aran, nothing more.

    Hopefully this patch turns out to be pretty decent. I'm pretty interested in this Episode 1 thing.

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    So have we always been in a pre-Episode 1 stage in GMS, or what? o_O

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    What is Episode 1?! O_____o

  5. Default

    Duh. NEXON has never done cash shop patches before

    Maybe they're doing something like MapleSEA? Like UI changes and such?

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    Depends on what 'Episode 1' is.

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    more like a lets add a lot of cash shop and activate the events that were added last patch patch.

    episode 1 = 24 stat hats? =o

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    Maybe episode 1: The noob demons make an entrance.
    Get your fugly 24 stat helmet now!

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    EW you changed your reply.

    Hmmm... sounds possible.

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    UI changes, lots of new content and such, but I don't think this is the case.

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    I'm seriously doubting their title.

  12. Helium Atom
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    Last patch came out with little to nothing, and then all of the sudden, they announced Malaysia and Balrog. They're just getting better with surprises.

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    Anyone raging about buying a kino pet, thinking it might go away again, just to see that it is going away and getting replaced with a permanent version?

    I didn't buy a kino, but I know a few people that did.. XD

  14. フレイムチョコボ Straight Male
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    November to Remember? That means, Thanksgiving events?

    If it's true, whoop-dee-freaking-doo, Nexon! At least we get the Sheep vs Wolf event. I'll try out the event as soon as the patch is done.

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    Told ya there'd be two more patches this year, Sylv ;)

    anyway... don't really care about this. Extension patches are crud.

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    looks to be another pomegranate patch. maybe they'll release something out of nowhere. :zzz:

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    I hope episode 1 means the UI changes and such and yay for permanent Kino; he's the only pet I like any way.

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    And i just got a shet load if nx, go me



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