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    Excellent thread. Thank you very much for posting this.

    That certainly would prevent needless quarreling.

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    Some people will defend gambler's fallacy to their graves.

    That makes me mad.

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    Sad too, because you can easily prove it false just by using a penny and a quarter and seeing if one will magically influence the odds of the other based on number of flips.

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    Common sense in my eyes, but common sense isn't all that common anymore, so this is nice nonetheless. It's nice that someone in your position finally officially explained how much of a game being client sided correlates with the ease of hacking to the general public. It won't change Nexon's client setup I'm sure, but at least it will make people slightly more educated and less prone to talking completely out of their asses.

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    Very well written and very informative.

    Doesn't matter how long you have played, the quote above is always relevant.

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    Thanks for this. So much uninformed Nexon bashing (Not to say that I have a problem with informed Nexon bashing though.)

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    Default Re: What Every Mapler Should Know

    Crap, I thought I caught all of them. Believe me, there were a lot more typos before this . Guess I should've read it twice.


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    Default Re: What Every Mapler Should Know

    It happens, just remember to take a cool down time before you attempt to proof something. This allows you time to actually read it instead or memory kicking in and causing you to miss your errors. The more important the writing is, the longer you should wait.

    This needs to be read by all that play MS, unfortunately not many would take the time to read it and be informed. Thank you for all the effort you put into this.

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    Huh, i did learn little bits from that even after all my years of playing. I bet this would be very useful for newer players, nice work.

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    I guess thinking this was common knowledge was a mistake, haha.

    Glad to see it auto-prompts users to read it, though there's no guarantee they'll get anything from it.

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    Just a little thing about "Gambler's Fallacy":

    Though the odds of success are not increasing by, let's say, 3 failed 60% scrolls in a row. The chance of having 4 fails in a row is just small. But indeed, this doesn't affect the chance of success rate of your next scroll if 3 scrolls failed in a row. ;)

    Also, the chance of something that -might- happen, is not a guarantee that something -will- happen.

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    Could you please add the lhc hack as an example of a hack to help people distinguish between a glitch and a hack? I am so sick of people talking about "glitched" maps at lhc instead of the correct term; "hacked"map as it makes it sound as though what they're doing isn't as bad as it is.

    Overall this is awesome. Every time somebody on the forum doesn't seem to understand something in this, can we post this link? :-)

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    People need to realize that taking advantage of a problem makes them part of the problem. I had to leave a perfectly good LHC party with a 2x card still active yesterday because they bought someone to "glitch" the map, and I absolutely refuse to take part in that garbage regardless of whether or not I'm losing time and money.

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    Thank you sir. Mostly stuff I already knew but a few things I didn't. I especially like how you've elaborated the "it's just a game" part.

    Anyway, maple has gotten to the point of where it's almost the norm to cheat in one way or another. This can't be blamed completely on the hackers because of Nexon's lack of effort and negligence to deal with hackers/exploits/exploiters in a timely and responsible manner. The amount of tolerance seems to fluctuate as swiftly as the amount of profit Nexon gains, i.e. more money for Nexon seems to somehow cause more tolerance for hackers imo. Something is definitely wrong with that.

    There are still a lot of people who refuse to cheat (I myself have been SOOO tempted to buy obviously-duped GM scrolls/ws but to this point I still never even bought one, my patience is wearing paper thin though). But now, these same legit people, who have held up the game are now looked down upon by others because "you don't spend your money wisely". The community being full of selfish people (it always has been, but not as high as now imo), I think, is an indirect result of Nexon being selfish themselves (and by selfish I mean keeping the EE hacked items in the game, even making such items MTS-able, because it obviously boosts their profits; among other reasons.).

    Nevertheless, it is the cheaters and abusers who have soured everything the most.

    Edit: please sticky this thread!

    Edit2: posted a link to this on basil. I hope you do not mind - I can lock the thread if you do.

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    Default Re: What Every Mapler Should Know

    Thanks for that fantastic write-up, it is informative and well written and address many frequently held misconceptions.

    I'm just curious about this statement:

    I don't know anything about the Better Business Bureau but I assume that it's similar to our offices of Fair Trading, in that they are a government agency intended to inform consumers and to handle complaints from consumers about businesses. Over here, businesses are generally obliged to respond to complaints from consumers sent via the Fair Trading offices, otherwise it may escalate to the matter being heard at the local tribunals.

    Does the BBB perform a similar function? I don't understand how Nexon can refuse to accept a complaint if they have been served a notice said complaint by the BBB. Has their refusal to accept complaints been documented before?

  17. Default Re: What Every Mapler Should Know

    Well written, I enjoyed reading it.
    Hopefully it will pierce through the minds of those lacking common sense.

  18. Default Re: What Every Mapler Should Know

    Reminds me of duelingnetwork.
    Nice job.

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    Default Re: What Every Mapler Should Know

    This. Neat to learn Nexon games suck so much with regards to exploits because their server/client relationship is illogical. Lolz.

    Someone should post the OP on Maple's FB fan page.

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    Great post, however the section on gambler's fallacy contains an example gambler's fallacy itself:

    Each scrolling is an independent event, unrelated to other scrollings - repeatedly failing a 90% scroll is not caused by others passing 90% scrolls, it's just chance.



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