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  1. Default Problems with BannedStory

    Since this is in the Speakeasy, I'm not here to ask why something isn't working. Rather, I'm here to explain why something simply won't work.

    I downloaded BannedStory 3.0. It states in the files this:

    - 'j' is the job of the item
       7: NX cash
       0: No Class
       1: Warrior
       2: Mage
       4: Bowman
       8: Thief
    This means that this program is not set up to work with Pirates, which is past when 3.0 was created (likely in 0.55 or so, almost 20 patches ago). Also, unfortunately, he didn't make this a dynamic input so that all I'd have to do is edit an XML and go. The only forseeable way that I could do this would be to make all pirate items a Thief item in the program, but that's something I'd rather not do.

    So, unless I'm missing something here, 3.0 is a no go on updating it to 0.78 with a patch I create. It'd be a royal pain in the ass, especially since Ion hasn't created a downloadable version of 3.3 to work with.

    Wish I could help here guys, but alas 'tis not so.

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    What if you drop Pirate gear out of your patch? Not good, but more complete than the current....

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    Uh, make your own simulator and make it work better than the current method.

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    yeah no problem, it'll be done in about fifteen minutes.

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    I never said it's gonna be short. Maybe I'll do it as a training project when I start programming again. Shouldn't be over-complicated, it's just a bunch of images painted on each other.

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    It's a bit more complicated than you'd think Kortestanov. And a little thought as to why would make sense, since this game has a great emphasis on outfit customization. Still, it is basically what you said it is.

    I've looked at it, and there are still a few things that I have yet to answer, such as where the character's "shield hand" might be located in many instances. Or better yet, how to reconstruct the default pose, aka stripped of any equipment.

    Actually those are the only things I don't know xD

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    I've done much more complicated things. And I have enough examples of how building characters is done that I can copypasta in worst case.

  8. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour


    Then why don't you make your own simulator and make it work better than the current method?

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    We're still working on a Visual Novel. Let's finish that first.

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    Because I lack the time and motivation to do so (mainly the time)



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