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  1. Default **TOP SECRET** November Update Notes

  2. Heavily armored Humvee
    IGN: TheSovereignBowi
    Server: LoL NA
    Level: 30
    Job: The League
    Guild: Of Draven


    Coming soon! Instant job advancement Gachapon!

  3. Default

    Only thing I could make out was permanent pets and Aran.

  4. Default

    5th job advancement...? Nah. More like Aran.

    This is a moderately interesting blog, but nothing exciting.

  5. Default

    Not aran, those 24 stat helms. Also, that stupid ass wolf sheep thing event that will suck.

    Don't know about that ologist points paragraph.

  6. Default

    wolf and sheep party quest, gaga's party quest, and ball park?

  7. Default

    All I saw was the Wolf/Sheep and Artifact event. :s

  8. Default

    I was thinking that too...
    also office party? Block party?

  9. Default

  10. Default

    It's talking about the archaeologist event, where you kill monsters for rocks and gain prizes for it.

  11. Default

    Good prizes or s'hit event? (it came from KMS, so it's probably s'hit, but just making sure)

  12. Default

    So basically we can expect another garbage event patch with tons of cash shop stuff? SPECTACULAR.

  13. Default

    Depending on if Nexon Star goes to open bata tomorrow or if it goes to CB2 I might decide to come back to maple because theres nothing else to do. Thank you soon to come patch!~

  14. Default

    and aran?
    also maple life type C and D... ._.

  15. Default

    Hey man, don't talk like that... PERMANENT STUFF COMING TO MS JUST LIKE IN DFOOOOOOO

  16. Default

    I don't see where aran is in here.

  17. Default

    Did it take DFO 4 years?
    also it feels like maple is coming to a end. Every version is going to the "We're done with everything else so lets go to world tour and pomegranatety events" stage.
    Even KMS is doing this ._.
    Time to move to either Nexon Star or DFO



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