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    Fire neutral?

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    Couldn't they have just excluded both then?

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    So first it becomes Fire Weak...

    1.5 multiplier

    Then it becomes Fire Resist

    1.5 * 0.5 = 0.75

    A plausible reduction

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    Why WOULDN'T you want them?

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    ...I wonder how rare those face equips are...

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    Because they made the game easy enough already, Having an extra 50 w.att from a face equip wont help things.

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    Well by the time you are level 180 , you should be able to kill everything anyways.... (well besides pink bean)
    Hmm. Maybe this woul help kill that beast.

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    They still have the extended limit


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    This doesn't break the game...

    All this is is an enormous damage boost for EVERYONE to make it possibly to beat PB (Other servers are the ones who need it, how ironic), and the future Black Mage. Then god knows what.

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    But, it seems as if it's event only. You probably have a limited time to get them, and they're probably hard to get. Sure everyone will have the chance to get them, but it may not be likely.

    Kinda like how the witch belt is now. I've only seen a handful of people make att belts and have enough coins to scroll them after the glitch removal. All of those people were above 120, so could easily take out mini-bosses with little chance of being KSed. They take the minibosses out fast and deal enough damage to get the loot, if someone happens to come in and try to KS them. It's hard for most people to get those belts now. Even though everyone has the chance to get them doesn't mean they will. The event finishes and only a few lucky players walk away with that att boost. (Not the +50 att boost, I'm sure a lot of 180+ will be able to get their hands on those, whatever the event entails.)

    Of course, this is speculation on my part. I've no idea what the hell their event is. If someone knows what the event is about and can elaborate as to how one would obtain these masks, do tell.

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    Because they break the game.

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    I don't think they are an event. They relate to the figures of the new WT place, which probably means it comes from there.

    Also, seeing as it varies per level, no matter how hard it is to get, any one who wants one enough should be able to get it.

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    The game isn't just about killing PB. 50 att face accessory makes killing monsters way too easy.

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    TMS is hacker central. Disregard the fact that this equipment breaks the game, TMS can already kill rape whatever they want because they just hack it to death.

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    A nice, non-broken boost for all magician classes. :D


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