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  1. Electron
    IGN: HeroArmadon
    Server: Windia
    Level: 13x
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Revival
    Alliance: Phoenix


    Meh, might as well post my picture here.
    Taken at the Emmen Zoo in the China Festival of Lights in The Netherlands.. This is by far my best picture despite my red nose. It was cold as hell outside and it was past midnight <_<

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  2. Default

    Meh what ever, I'm bored and well... school started

  3. Default

    You guys remember that righteous head of hair I used to have?

    It's gone.

  4. Default

    GOOD that shizz looked awful blake

  5. Default


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    Just restarted in windia. Add me if you want :)

  7. Default

    I'm in this base defibbin' this thread.

  8. Default

    Josh, I have never seen that picture in your avatar...HOT

  9. Default

    Me in Liverpool, August 2010:


    And when I was walking in Liverpool, I saw this bar ;-) :



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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  11. Default

    Are you from the Netherlands yourself or....?

    And btw Hi!
    I'm no&#235;l xD


  12. Default

    o hay

    btw, add me! i just started playing again, i'll be on a LOT. IGN is Soundtraq.

  13. Default

    Never mind.
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