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Thread: [In Progress] Halloween Roll Call

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    5k maple points sure is a mad amount.

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    This is unexpected, but nice. HOWEVER, 5k is not a "mad" amount.

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    It's enough to buy a permanent transparent hat.

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    Which is why this event is worth trying.

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    It doesn't say mad amount, it says "mad Maple Points"
    Cuz left over Maple Points will turn you mad.

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    Nexon is trying too hard to incorporate "hip" terms in their announcements. They should just stick to professional sounding announcements. Not one that sounds like it was written by a street hoodlum who dropped out in 5th grade.

    Doesn't the sale of perma transparent hats end before Nov. 5?

    Also, knowing Nexon, they'll take like 3 weeks to announce the winners and give them their prize.

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    I don't think the transparent hat will be in cs by the time the maple points are given out.

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    That's besides the point - It was the value that was being whined about.
    There will be other items in the CS still that 5k will easily purchase that may be just as a nice.

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    Or you can always MTS the points.
    I still have 200 leftover Maple Points from some event I don't recall. Looks like it's a chance to finally use it.

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    Yeah, hopefully the transparent cape will be out though :x

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    But that would require being able to use maple points in the mts

  13. Default

    They are usable, don't they.....?
    (Can't check right now)

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    Maple points can only be used where paypal points can, and can't be combined. Not only can't you use them in MTS, you can't buy anything that requires MTS nx.

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    Not worth'll only be 1,000 of us that'll get it.

    *Goes back to doing referrals*



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