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Thread: [Notice] Introducing Lavendula

  1. Default Introducing Lavendula

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    So Nexon decides to write this story without mentioning who the person actually is and what world she monitors.

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    They all have stupid names.
    Nexon gave them all a choice of a pile of names they pulled out of the ass of an ostrich.

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    I can't wait to see more of these ostrich ass names.

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    This might be the most important thing nexon has ever posted

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    Here I was like, "Krakia?" Then I was disappointed.

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    As if being in the MWLB hidden wasn't humiliating enough.

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    Same here. Scamming meenie weenies.

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    I thought it said Uvula for a minute...

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    How did you connect this mentally to Krakia?

    The timing is all wrong for that sort of announcement.

    You figured it out!
    Her real backstory is that her name is a portmanteau of Uvula and Lavender because she's the MWLB that choked on a grape and demanded they ban you from saying g**** on public channels.

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    This story sucks.

  12. ☆ ♥ ツ Straight Female
    IGN: QuIt!!!
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 184
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    Sh*t I knew it!!!

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    Isn't there a big green vine in the data with a Krakia label/hint?

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    That story is way better than the s'hit story Nexon came up with for whatsherface.

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    I believe they had to submit their own backstory, actually, that Nexon then approved/rejected.

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    But this isn't that vine; it's an ordinary one out of Ellinia- nothing new or special here.

    Nexon has created some seriously lulsy names as if the mouthful of the ridiculous "MapleWatch Leaf Brigade" name wasn't already enough.

    When I heard "member profile", I didn't think it would actually translate that Nexon intends for them to write wonky bad fanfiction backstories about themselves . Still: far better crafted than the horrific Olivia story.

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    Green Vine = Vine that's green.
    Optimism doesn't care about those minor details.

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    What do you bet that they named all the other girls like flowers/herbs. I mean jeez, Lavendula = Lavender + Calendula? What's next, Violeta? Petunia?



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