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    A quick update while I'm on:

    Resem - Level 28 Asura
    Semblance - Level 21 Crusader (Dead still)
    Sublim - Level 20 Elementalist
    Mation - Level 26 Nen Master
    Devolut - Level 31 Spitfire
    Lution - Level 37 Summoner
    Individ - Level 20 Monk
    Vidual - Level 20 Ranger
    Horren - Level 6 Priest (Eventually Exorcist)
    Endous - Level 25 Battlemage
    Despi - Level 20 Soul Bender
    Icable - Level 20 Brawler

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    Update! It's been.. a while.

    Unfaltering 43 Weaponmaster
    Funestus 30 Exorcist
    Pectoral 21 Brawler

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    Ginkou - Level 38 Ranger
    Seppuku - Level 30 Berserker

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    I'm VultureBike and WheeErnie

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    I really need to update this thread badly...I will get to that this weekend hopefully try to keep it alive.

    Most people now are in the TeamRocket guild though. I may make a list for those who are not in the guild.

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    Ehh. Free update?

    1UnfalteringGrand Master50
    3RhythmicGunF. Ranger41
    8TechnologicaM. Mechanic30
    9XXXNadeBBQF. Spitfire30
    11DorothyGaleBattle Mage25

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    NdFeBRobots Mechanic 54

    NdFeBMage3 Archmage 52

    NdFeBAmulets Exorcist 26

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    Okay so after finally getting around to it, I did a huge( felt huge) update with all the lists. I changed the format of all the lists.

    Things I still need to do:
    - I still need to update people's Names(from Grog to Greg, etc)
    - I am still updating Awakenings for a lot of people.
    - Level List will be updated as soon as I can get to it.

    Also post here with more updates if you would like, and feel free to post here and correct me if I made a mistake(there are probably tons of them).

    I really want to come back to DFO after doing this...hopefully I will have some time to do so.

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    You can remove Ginkou from the list since I've pretty much stopped playing him.

    I'm playing:
    Seppuku - Level 52 Hell Bringer
    EdenII - Level 49 Templar
    Upload - Level 45 F. Mechanic
    Vigor - Level 40 Striker

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    You can remove Epoxide from my name and add Fortunate (also witch). Switched over to pure aoe/pve built witch. So op.
    As for lvl:
    Indignate 52
    Fortunate 52
    Blightning 51

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    Working on until I get unbanned on DnF, if I ever do;

    Ploutos, 18 Witch. Planned to be Melee (dark/light)



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