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    The list is updated for all those who posted.

    Does it really matter if I add it now or later? You obviously were able to distinguish that it has not advanced yet.

    I made a mistake and put fighter in some of the lists, but I think you were a priest. I will check later.

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    you are correct

    EDIT: though i would rather people not know my lvl and stuff o.o

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    Please delete Septher and replace him with Luciform.

    Currently a level 11 Priest.

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    Just saying. For all I know, it could be some horrible mistake that he's not really a fighter but a gunner.

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    Updated. The level list is getting really outdated since I have not been able to log into DFO.

    People could just Buddy you and see your level and class. I took out some of your information, but not all of it. If you want me to take it out just tell me.

    I trust people when they say they are a certain class. If you say you are a fighter and want to be a Striker, I will just assume you are a fighter and will become a Striker. If they decide to be Nen Master or they mistakenly said the wrong class, I can easily change it. I can always change the information or take them out of the list if I find out that they were not telling the truth about their class on purpose, but I don't see why someone would lie about their class.
    Last edited by ChaoticCJ; 2009-11-01 at 11:28 PM. Reason: Found a Mistake

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    Question is, can I trust you to not make a mistake? It could happen =P

    I don't think there's anything more to say on this.

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    IGN: Smokin
    Class: Gunner
    lvl 12

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    Plz add me!

    IGN: SpeedFusion
    Class: Slayer
    Sub-Class: Blade Master
    Lvl: 24

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    Asura is 26 now and Indignate is now a lvl 18 Battlemage =p

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    Just started today, level 5 witch, SkullLantern.

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    Okay, I deleted my mage and remade it as 'Acrimonious'. Still gonna be a witch, level 11 currently.

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    Lv 38 now (roughly 40%). Yay like 15m exp until Quantum Bomb! Started a new character to reserve a name, it's a surprise though. MasPan is still my main, and still a Launcher.

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    Smaller - Grappler
    Upper - Brawler
    Hookshot - Spitfire
    Magatia - Witch

    Will resume play when service becomes available in Mexico.

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    Battle mage, SerraTheWiz currently level 27.
    New character, Nen Master, AzureCombo, currently level 18

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    Updating, Launcher is at 38, Summoner is at 19, Witch is at 21.

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    Soloing becomes lonely after awhile. :|

    IGN: Snagret
    Class: Fighter
    Sub-Class: Nen Master
    Lvl: 22

    Please add me to the list.



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