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Thread: [Notice] Scheduled Server Maintenance

  1. Default Scheduled Server Maintenance

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    "Oh we forgot we needed these"
    They just deleted the title on me. Wanna bet they change it to "Scheduled"?

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    GG Nexon, planning an unscheduled server check 2 days ahead of time. You are amusing me to no end.

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    They probably hastily copied/pasted the template of the last one...

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    All of these are JMS origin CS items. Uh, hurrah for maid stuff? lol.

    P.S: Males can wear the shoes and hat.

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    Anyone else feel weird that a mod is now posting most of the nexon announcements?

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    unscheduled yet they're adding cash shop items. typical nexon.

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    I don't know.

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    No. What I do find weird is that I've never heard of Eosian, nor have I seen this person around the forums, nor did I even know this person had moderation powers.

    So.... Hi, Eosian! Nice to meet you!

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    He's eos367 aka Eos aka Aesilyn.

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    Oh! Eos... What's with the name change? lol

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    A lot of down time for GMS lately.

    I think it kind of makes more sense for a mod to be posting the announcements rather than being weird. But maybe that's just me.

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    "Eos" was taken, as usual, so I went with the full name.

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    Bannedstory has them listed as female only, unless somethings changed. I'd probably get i for lulz if the entire set was male though.

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    The overall is for the lulz. It's a new item in JMS.

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    It's lulzy, I gotta admit. A lot of crossdressing will be seen.



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