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Thread: [In Progress] Halloween - MapleStory Style!

  1. Default Halloween - MapleStory Style!

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    Here's hoping those dark tokens drop fairly often. I want a 10+ att belt.

    What's the difference between a normal witch scroll and a witch's belt scroll? O_O

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    All these cute witch items are making me all giddy like a schoolgirl. And to think I had given up on this being an awesome Halloween in MS... Glad to be wrong.

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    The normal Witch Scroll can only be used on the Broomstick and Talking Witch Hat, whilst the Witch Belt Scroll can only be used on the Witch's Belt equip?

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    I lol'd hard.

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    Here's hoping the dark tokens are rare as hell. Bloody 10+ ATT belts...

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    Wow...attack belts and free chaos for it..that's both permanent...AND doesn't cost NX.

    Broken! But at least it doesn't put money into their pockets.

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    There's the date the event ends right above the explanation.

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    Agreed, especially after all the time I spent getting a Black Belt.

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    I think he meant that the items don't expire.

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    Lol, i finished it on all my characters except my bucc.

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    I threw away all my Smores before that quest was released, and I've been too lazy to hunt for them. If she does give Smores I plan on stocking up.

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    I dunno. I'm really excited/happy about these new belts. It makes for an awesome event that I'll actually participate in and work at. I don't mind replacing my Black Belt. It was fun to earn, and I'll always know I accomplished it. I don't need to wear it to know that. I'll just have to re-figure my STR again probably. lol

    WEAK. Real men spent hours hunting their Smores.

    Getting pumped for this patch. Oddly and pleasantly surprised MS is gonna draw me back in after the recent terrible months. Very happy to see another good Halloween.

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    All the Arch Mages and Bishops who spent hours getting their 17000 points are going to be REALLY happy with 5 magic attack, while everyone else is off with a belt that gives them more than 10 times the extra power. Sooo over this happening.

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    Meh, if they dropped cards I would be much more likely to go over there.

    An attack that can kill 15 monsters at once and can 1-hit monsters with weak equips. Okay.

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    10-22 - 11-24




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