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  1. Default What world languages do you know?

    By "world languages" I mean "any language which is not the dominant language used by your resident country". It's assumed that by being on this forum you know English, so no need to mention that.

    I have a strong familiarity with spanish, and because of that I have no problem reading any romance languages.

    You guys?

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    I can read a bit of French and know enough to tell them I don't speak French. :P
    My Russian is decent though.

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    I can read, write, and speak Vietnamese fluently. I came to the US when I was 8, I'm 20 now.

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    i had french/deutsch at school but i faild at them all tought i understand deutsch verry well. obv. dutch/english cause i'm dutch and yeah english is important. i'm not looking forward to learn any langunage beside mastering english.

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    Spanish... but I live in America so that does not count

    I speak basic French and Italian...

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    That's pretty amazing to be able to maintain your skills throughout 12 years of limited usage. :P
    Does your family use Vietnamese amongst one another often?

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    thiệt hng hay l xạo đ
    on topic: same here, i can still read and write vietnamese very well. came here @ 11 now 18

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    Chắc l thiệt đ ng ơi.
    L > Francis.

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    I can too.

    Vietnamese and French, although I don't get to use French very often.

    Edit: o-o I think I got ninja'd.

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    Toi noi thiet ma, wow, dau co biet la co nhieu nguoi Vietnamese o trong forum nay dau, haha.

    EDIT: Also, at home, yes, I'm forced to speak Vietnamese to my relatives and parents. I can sometime speak English to my brother at home. As for my cousins, I usually speak to them in English 99.99% of the time. I rarely speak Viet to my cousins.
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    I took Latin in high school and I'm taking Japanese now... With the latin I can grasp a tiny bit of spanish, but they'd have to be speaking very slowly. Yeah, that doesn't happen very often, so it mostly limits me to reading signs. As for Japanese I only just started, so that means just the basics. It's a little more helpful just due to the fact that as far as video games go, it's almost all based off english loanwords so I think I could, say, get by in JMS now.

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    I can speak conversational Chinese and I know enough to read a little bit of Chinese and French

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    I can speak conversional Chinese with no problem.

    Learning Spanish right now in high school - 3rd year, and I can speak/read the basics.

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    Working on Chinese (pretty much conversational and beyond), some Dutch and French, and English.

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    Grew up learning Tagalog from my grandparents, but my parents wanted us to be more Americanized so they spoke to us in English at home. The result is my broken Taglish.

    Took French for 9 years, but sadly after the 8th grade, I didn't really have the opportunity to practice very much so I've forgotten most of it. I can still understand a lot when I hear French tourists, but when I speak, it's very slow because I have to think about the right words to say. For me, reading French is much easier than speaking it.

    Took 3 years of Spanish (which is very similar to French) and a lot of my coworkers speak it so I was able to retain more of it than French, sadly.

    Took a semester of sign language about a year ago, but I've forgotten most of it.

    I also just started taking Japanese, so I'm pretty noobish still.

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    Not a lot of french and a good amount of italian.

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    Open word -> insert -> symbols -> find "" -> copy paste?

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    I know enough Spanish to probably survive. I can speak it well enough, and can read it pretty well, although I still have trouble understanding people when they speak it.

    Also, I can read Italian menus decently enough =D

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    I only know a bit of Japanese. I studied it for 5 years in school and have been trying to learn by talking with JP players in JMS for hours on end daily. ;x

    I tried learning Chinese and Korea on my own, but without text books or anything to help, I met a quick dead-end (unless you count Japanese kanji as Chinese, since it came from Chinese lol).
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